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Last updated: May 15th, 2015. [Milestone Dates]

Click the “More About Me” button to see my full profile, I will be trying to update it more often now with more relevant information.

General Personal Information

I’m a fairly neutral person who tries to think with a realistic mindset. I’ve become a bit more active in chat as of recent, and hope to remain as such for the foreseeable future. If you see me in chat and want to get my attention, just saying my name or sending me a whisper will alert me if I’m off-tab, so I’ll most likely be available to chat if you see me.

I see myself as more of a regular user first and then moderator second, so that means that unless you’re really doing something you shouldn’t be doing, I’ll be just like anyone else out there. Some people might not like this mentality as much, but I feel that this is more beneficial to the chat in the long run, as it can help to keep things moving.

As for school, I’m currently a third year university student studying Mechatronics Engineering. I alternate between four months of school and four months on a co-op placement. I’d definitely recommend this structure to anyone who has the opportunity to do so, as it gives nice breaks from study, gives experience in the field, and helps with finances.

If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about me, just ask and I’d be happy to tell and then update it into this section.

Current avatar made by: rhythrealmz3 (Larger version)
If you’d like to make one for me, I’d be glad to use it. I just ask that you use my template, as I like it (no real other reason, I do use other ones as well).

Milestone Dates
November 12th, 2009: Reached the top 25 leader boards
February 12th, 2010: Reached the level cap (20th to do so)
June 20th, 2011: Reached 2x the level cap (10th to do so)
April 16th, 2012: Reached 100,000 points (6th to do so)
May 3rd, 2012: Earned Chat Moderator status
August 4th, 2012: Reached 3x the level cap (6th to do so)
July 5th, 2013: Reached 100,000 points above level cap (4th to do so)
July 15th, 2013: Reached 3rd place all-time in points
October 8th, 2013: Reached 2nd place all-time in points
November 15th, 2013: Reached 4x the level cap (2nd to do so)
November 28th, 2014: 100,000 games rated
January 17th, 2015: Voted 2014 Chat Mod of the Year
January 17th, 2015: Extended Leaderboards voted 2014 Thread of the Year
May 8th, 2015: Reached 2x the requirement to be in the top 25
May 15th, 2015: Reached 5x the level cap (2nd to do so)

Some general links that might be interesting
A short excerpt on why we play games: Read Here
For if you think you spend too much time gaming: The Only Thing I Know
Computational knowledge engine: WolframAlpha
To see where you rank on Kongregate: Extended Leaderboards

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