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Play Chess Chess Oct. 28, 2014
nothing but error messages when I try to register
Play Chess Chess Oct. 10, 2014
just played a 10-min game. Opponent ran out of time and I had 5:45 left. Message came up: MOVE 4050_Q_58:1...After a couple of minutes it began a countdown: u10...u9...u8...when it reached zero I lost on time. Terrible glitch in this game.
Play Chess Chess Sep. 13, 2014
No one cares as in NO ONE
Play Chess Chess Sep. 08, 2014
...and no one cares about your "rp character"!
Play Chess Chess Sep. 08, 2014
"we" get the point, netatsake. Don't hate. Makes you look silly ;)
Play Chess Chess Sep. 07, 2014
Play Chess Chess Sep. 01, 2014
wow this time I had 5 mins 4 seconds left and my opponent showed 0 time...yet I lost on time???
Play Chess Chess Aug. 07, 2014
I had 2 mins 47 secs left on my clock when my opponent ran out of time...then it said I lost on time!
Play Chess Chess Jul. 26, 2014
I had 1 secods left whe LDB ran out of time and I lost on time. I got tricked into playing him too. H is talentless and was losing on the board as well ut he eithr cheats or has super-fast pc/isp so plays only to win on time. Get a life LDB
Play Chess Chess Jul. 26, 2014
this site needs to learn what constitutes a draw. I made over 100 moves without a pawn move or piece capture (B+P vs B+P ending w/opposite colored bishops) and lost on time.
Play Chess Chess Jul. 16, 2014
chesshotel, I keep getting disconnected. The board disappears and it's replaced by a grey circle, with a smaller filled grey circle inside. In the inside grey circle there is a white exclamation point.
Play Chess Chess Jul. 11, 2014
I keep getting disconnected with a circle and an exclamation mark where the board once was
Play Chess Chess Mar. 30, 2014
who said you can't play? All I see is you aren't a grandmaster.
Play Chess Chess Aug. 18, 2013
somehow this guynmed sau knows ow to cheat. I had two miutes left and he ran out of time but he won on time. second time he did that
Play Chess Chess Jul. 21, 2013
Terrible glitch i thisgame. My opponent ran out of timeand I sill had over 3 minutes..but somehow I lost on time. :-(
Play Chess Chess Nov. 17, 2012
@ LedZeppelin: I can't get on either
Play Chess Chess Jul. 25, 2012
@ Booshbag: castling is a king's move so you move your king 2 squares either direction.
Play Chess Chess Jul. 27, 2011
so sick of these 1-min game spammers like zur who trick you into playing their super fast pc's and play to win solely on time. wish this site would stop these losers from this underhanded trickery
Play Chess Chess Dec. 02, 2010
I haven't been able to play for three weeks. I even sent an email to the sites administrators and they never replied. I'm about to give up.
Play Chess Chess Oct. 22, 2010
I get tired of clicking on a 10-min invite only to find myself in a 1-min game against some guy who has a fast computer and/or fast isp and plays only to win on time. They click "play now" over and over and trick people into playing their games. My suggestion for the site would be that you can only play what you set as your game/move time.