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Play Momiga Momiga Jul. 10, 2013
Play Edmus Edmus Jun. 30, 2013
i got first place today. does nothing happen? i want fireworks or something!
Play The Idle RPG The Idle RPG Mar. 15, 2013
this is so funny.
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Mar. 14, 2013
Finished! I liked it a bunch. It took just the right amount of time and effort; satisfying. @ Jaskaran2000: Even with fox ears on, you can still pop foxes. It is possible to get fox ears before you've popped enough foxes to get the fox-popping medal. Your proposed change would make it impossible to beat the game if you got your ears too soon. @ souulkeeper: I think the time problem had to do with the game lagging on your computer. It felt a bit slow to me, but not *that* slow. And I think the 120s can come at different places. I was well past the fire tunnel bit when I hit 120s.
Play Alphaland Alphaland Feb. 23, 2013
Finished. Pretty friggin cool. And a good length, I think. Satisfying to beat but not tooo long. I found some of the artsy/ philosophical stuff a bit heavy-handed (the music and the ending text), but overall I enjoyed the game a lot.
Play Dolphin Olympics 2 Dolphin Olympics 2 Feb. 19, 2013
holy improved graphics, batman!
Play HEXEP HEXEP Jan. 31, 2013
i don't know what i was talking about, about a clock. ignore that.
Play HEXEP HEXEP Jan. 31, 2013
love it. wish it had badges. the quick reset, and the way the clock doesn't start until you actually start playing, are lovely features. nice idea, nice gameplay, nice graphics. can the sound be muted, or only turned down to 1?
Play Classic Nurikabe Light Vol 1 Classic Nurikabe Light Vol 1 Jan. 26, 2013
@daerdevil and everyone else who thinks there's more than one solution: there's not. I was confused too at first, but the black area has to form a CONTINUOUS PATH. ie every black square has to be touching at least one other black square.
Play Quadrilateral Thinking Quadrilateral Thinking Jan. 26, 2013
third place all-time score in Patterns!
Developer response from khailcs

Kongrats! ^_^

Play Quadrilateral Thinking Quadrilateral Thinking Jan. 24, 2013
okay i want a walkthrough. so many levels i can get 8 squares right but not all 9.
Play Quadrilateral Thinking Quadrilateral Thinking Jan. 24, 2013
such a rad concept. i'm just getting started but i'm so into it.
I love it. I adore your drawing style. 4 stars. when i mute the sound, it should mute the "pew" sound, not just the music. also, this shouldn't be listed as a puzzle.
Play Catch a Butterfly! Catch a Butterfly! Jan. 19, 2013
maybe there could be bonuses that change your net size for 10 seconds or remove 5 butterflies, things like that, to keep it interesting
Play Balance Balance Jan. 19, 2013
it's a toy. chill.
Play Fruit Shoot by Englishacorn Fruit Shoot by Englishacorn Jan. 19, 2013
a really good start. reminds me of the early stuff from Orisinal.com
Play Apple Plus Apple Plus Jan. 19, 2013
I like it! I was addicted until I won. MosulMadMan is right that it's not a memory game though.
Play Is It Water? Is It Water? Jan. 19, 2013
i lawled
Play Advanced Eye Detective Advanced Eye Detective Jan. 19, 2013
fun. more levels please!
Play Escape to Hell Escape to Hell Jan. 19, 2013
lvl 2 is easy guys. what's the problem?