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Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter Mar. 28, 2014
Those ghost demons are the bane of my existence, at this point.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 20, 2014
My index finger's love for me when I found out spacebar shot, too.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 20, 2014
I have to go to school, but this is addicting. ...AP Chem can wait.
Play Berzerk Ball 2 Berzerk Ball 2 Mar. 01, 2014
I really don't know why people complain so much about the money, and stuff. I literally haven't bought a thing from the in game store, or any metals with Kreds, and I'm doing great. Not that much of a task, really.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 22, 2014
That coffee button. What?
Play Pingy the Ping Idle RPG Pingy the Ping Idle RPG Dec. 26, 2013
:I I was on yesterday but never got the Merry Christmas achievement.
Play Strand Strand Nov. 23, 2013
There are only two that stumped me for a little while, but other than that very easy, and an extremely pleasing experience. Well done. 5/5
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 05, 2013
I liked the real time clock build onto the tower. It took me awhile to figure that out.
Play The Programmer RPG The Programmer RPG Oct. 24, 2013
Oh, and this game helps a lot. I'm a Junior in high school (not really relevant, sh) and took a Game Design class. My teacher is extremely incompetent. This helps infinitely.
Play The Programmer RPG The Programmer RPG Oct. 24, 2013
I bought full health, and then went to the arena. I needed it because I was literally about dead. It didn't work, I still had no health, but when I clicked the health button it had the regular picture.
Play CastleMine CastleMine Sep. 01, 2013
What confuses me most is that my laptop isn't trying to commit suicide like every other game I play that's Unity. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I like this game.
Play Live Puzzle 2 Live Puzzle 2 Aug. 28, 2013
My head hurts.
Play Alxemy Alxemy Jun. 18, 2013
"Congratulations, you've discovered pot!"
Play Skills Idle Skills Idle May. 23, 2013
If you push load game, and there isn't a game to be loaded, everything that has a value comes up as undefined. :|
Play Pretentious Game 2 Pretentious Game 2 May. 14, 2013
The car scared me. A lot.
Play Red Ball 4 (vol.2) Red Ball 4 (vol.2) May. 09, 2013
Dammit. Level fourteen is Satanic. The bloody gate won't stay open long enough.
Play Pinch Hitter Game Day Pinch Hitter Game Day May. 03, 2013
I thought it said Pinch Hitler Game...
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Apr. 19, 2013
My first reaction to the game was to try to hit the whale.
Play Galaxy Siege Galaxy Siege Apr. 12, 2013
I feel like the ore > star ratio is crappy. You need ores way more, but there is an equal amount of each. Now I have 400 stars, and no ore.
Play The King's League: Odyssey The King's League: Odyssey Apr. 11, 2013
I beat the game at 2 years, twelves months, and four weeks, yet didn't get the achievement for before year three. And there was one day left. It was close. And I still didn't get it.
Developer response from kurechii

We just found it as well and fixed it. Apologies for that! You can just reload that slot when the new version is updated to get the achievement again :)