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Play Cloudstone Cloudstone Jun. 10, 2015
Is there an option to allow us to toggle an auto-attackback? So that when an enemy is attacking me, my character would automatically target the first attacker and only change targets when commanded? Sometimes I personally find it a bit difficult to target an enemy right away when I am surrounded by loot. Also, if it is possible, I'd like to offer another toggle option. When I click a certain location, my character should walk around objects to get there or stop against a wall if it is not possible. These are just ideas.
Play Mu Complex : Episode Two Mu Complex : Episode Two Jun. 08, 2015
after listening to that secret audio....... do I really want to free Lya?
Play Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) May. 31, 2015
I died during the meeting that I was requested to attend last minute.....
Play Just be yourself Just be yourself May. 31, 2015
Part 2)Now the last question I will answer, is there actually an ending? I believe I've managed to get 10 correct before dying (which should be enough for winning). Also, I was making a chart in Microsoft Excel for the two text bubbles and ending point the girl says and the correct text bubble and ending point you say. I've completed it to the point that I would have the girl say the exact same thing, but my previous correct answer was not existent in my possible choices(this happened a couple of times). I did not play enough to see the same answer too and be able to try to chose it, but I feel as though I can safely say that the correct answers are completely random. I've marked the different text bubbles as bb, depressed man, flowers, gender, NJ, O-, and Z (because that is what they looked like to me. And the different ending marks (.,...,!,!!!,!?,?,?!). So it may be safe to say that there is no ending to the game and the last part of the game's description is supposed to fool us
Play Just be yourself Just be yourself May. 31, 2015
Part 1) I decided to try to beat the game seriously. Apparently, this has also been posted on the Newgrounds website (where the creator replied to two comments about this game). This is what I got from multiple game plays and all comments read on both websites. So yes, the game is not in an actual existing language. The game endings are random (at least the bad ones) and are not determined by how many answers you answered correctly. Also, the point of the game was probably to point out the pointlessness (more accurately the stupidity) of dating sims or (more likely) dating in general because it is impossible to understand women. Now I'm not saying if I agree with the point the game may be trying to make, but that is it if there is one. It is also a possibility that the author it trying to have us get frustrated in this pointless game.
Play Zilch Zilch May. 29, 2015
That moment when you are rushing through the game without thinking choosing between 3 twos or 3 sixes. Chose one, roll again, realize, zilch, slap yourself.
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent May. 11, 2015
You know that text that appears below games to the bottom left? Where there are three options? The ones that say: "Game bug", "Flag", and "Block"? I don't know exactly how they work, but I am kind of tempted to press all three. I wonder what would happen if enough of us do that. Aren't you guys curious about it too?
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Apr. 28, 2015
@Candle14 You can try to lower the quality of the game, hide gold text, hide damage text, close other web browsers,tabs, and windows. If you are still having trouble, I'd think about checking if you have things up to date (programs. browsers, etc.) and secure (anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls, etc.) on your computer.
Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Feb. 04, 2015
@Datless Your diamonds might be disappearing when you are using food. I discovered that the location where it shows you how much energy you have and you click that green plus sign. If you click the food you want multiple times fast (at least on a slow computer like mine) you will sometimes buy more food to use using diamonds. I recommend you just go to your backpack/item sack and just click use all or click it till you have the amount of energy you want.
Play 1000 Lifes 1000 Lifes Apr. 15, 2014
Walkthrough: Place 1: go to gray blocks Place 2: corner in the back of the room desk number times the board number = 213 (go to the teacher to answer) Place 3: answer is in the bed = solitude (go to door) Place 4: answer is in the mirror in a hard to see place = 549 (anywhere) Place 5: divide the question number by the amount of blue people in that location full of white walls = 13.5 (look down to see if you are in a place where you can answer the question) Place 6: count the number of men = 7 (you can't move) Repeats from place 2
Play 1000 Lifes 1000 Lifes Apr. 15, 2014
Never mind, I figured it out. This game seems to not specify too well what I'm supposed to do and causes me and others to get lost. I might have to post a walkthrough or something.
Play 1000 Lifes 1000 Lifes Apr. 15, 2014
Ok, so I found that number. But am I supposed to press anything for a response? Space bar seems to reset and enter/click don't seem to do anything.
Play Wasted Youth, Part 1 Wasted Youth, Part 1 Jan. 27, 2014
I like it that Dave offers to give me a tour, but instead tells me how the game works and tells me it is best to wander around to get to know the place and then leaves.
Play Clone Wars RPG - Mystery of the first choosen one Clone Wars RPG - Mystery of the first choosen one Jan. 12, 2014
I see that your main problem is your programming program. I have no idea how talented you are in programming or whatever and like everyone else I see many errors. So let me start by saying, I can see many things going for this if it was made correctly. But it is still hard to tell. I recommend you try other free programming tools or look at a few how to manuals for the programming thing you use. Or I think "The Programming RPG" game here on kongregate is good. I am not a programmer, so this may not have been useful to you. Other than that, you may check the list of bugs and tips for the game's improvement that I have noticed and possibly you as well.
Developer response from levanusha12

Yes it is my main problem, and it is only 1 free program to use, but I am good at programming websites.... Thanks for bugs list!

Play Adventure of  The Green King Adventure of The Green King Jan. 08, 2014
wow I meant least not east sorry. I make typos too. I guess I better double check my spelling too.
Play Adventure of  The Green King Adventure of The Green King Jan. 08, 2014
At east on my keyboard, the space key does not make my guy jump. The up arrow key does. So either change that in the instructions you typed or update the game to work the way you wrote it. And check again for simple spelling errors in the description. Other then that I think the game was ok. Sound would have help make the game more enjoyable. I know where some of those enemies came from. I'd also recommend adding checkpoints (or I'm just so bad that I didn't get to the first one yet).
Play You Only Need One You Only Need One Jan. 05, 2014
I guess it being a game is debatable, but I generally preferred story lines in the games that I play. So I'm kind of neutral about me liking or disliking the game. My only concern is that the color scheme do strain my eyes a bit. I hope this doesn't cause problems for people who have epilepsy.
Play High School Romance High School Romance Nov. 30, 2013
LOL, I pressed instructions and instead I get taken to a walkthrough
Play Rate 5 Stars Rate 5 Stars Nov. 29, 2013
Play Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos Nov. 29, 2013
I never seem to have enough crystals! And then like the majority, I need more gold and a VIP thing.