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Play Wilt: Last Blossom Wilt: Last Blossom Jan. 21, 2013
Found a slight bug about the boss, when you pause while it's shooting the acid then the acid'll keep going and vanish without causing you damage.
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Dec. 18, 2012
We found... a Rocket Launcher.. in a Farm.
Play Particles Particles Dec. 11, 2012
I just watched Dodgeball, I think I'll be fin- welp.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Dec. 05, 2012
It gets easier as you play more... about 5 hours more.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 29, 2012
Note to self: in case of zombie apocalypse, add fan to rear of car.
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Sep. 26, 2012
Beijing: One of the most populated cities in the world. Population of 15. Huh, I guess they never got over the virus.
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Dec. 08, 2011
In case of zombie apocalypse, place boxes in middle of roads everywhere.
Play Monster Bark Monster Bark Dec. 01, 2011
Whilst the gameplay is fun, the keyboard controls kinda stick for me. :(
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Nov. 12, 2011
How many younger sisters do I have!?
Play Hood Episode 2 Hood Episode 2 Oct. 28, 2011
As good as this game is, I felt like it was made by a different person. The text keeps ruining it for me. Still, though, it's a great game. Enjoyed the storyline. 5/5
Play Over The Border Over The Border Oct. 16, 2011
Oh no! He got me in the clothes!
Play Trolleez Trolleez Oct. 16, 2011
Some kind of minimap would be cool.
Play Spikes Tend to Kill You Spikes Tend to Kill You Oct. 15, 2011
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Oct. 14, 2011
Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Oct. 05, 2011
Good thing they don't have news. 'And in recent news, people have been turning green in this town! But a lot more people replace them. What is this madness?'
Play Legends of Kong Legends of Kong Oct. 03, 2011
I always knew that Jim could jump off air.
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Oct. 03, 2011
The Germans! They're responsible for it all!
Play Dead Metal Dead Metal Sep. 27, 2011
Step 2: Blow shit up! I'm liking this game already.
Play Swords & Potions Swords & Potions Sep. 24, 2011
Remove the stupid 'Tokens' thing, remove or increase the Days limit, and you'll have yourself a better game. Also consider adding a speed-modifier? ie. Fast-forward?
Play You are a... You are a... Jul. 17, 2011
I'm a gigantic midget?