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Play The Cantina The Cantina Jul. 04, 2011
@Hercules - Great Ideas. Yes, I realize the game is very early, but I uploaded to get ideas from the Kong community. Thanks! @Comrade - A shadow background? Can you elaborate more?
Play Mobile World Cup Juggle! Mobile World Cup Juggle! Jul. 12, 2010
@ikarashin - The 'submit score' only pops up once you beat your current top score. It should not popup unless you are consistently getting a better score, which is a good thing.
Play Kongregate Intellect Quiz Kongregate Intellect Quiz Dec. 30, 2009
Enjoyed beating the game and learning more about Kong!
Play Kongregate Intellect Quiz Kongregate Intellect Quiz Dec. 29, 2009
beat the game, the replay button at the end is broke.
Play Possibly the Worst Game You'll Ever Play Possibly the Worst Game You'll Ever Play Jul. 25, 2009
the name says it all
Play Street Fighter 2 CE Street Fighter 2 CE Jul. 09, 2009
Pure quality.
Play Walls of Perdition Walls of Perdition Jun. 29, 2009
try to fix right click glitch
Play Sparks and Dust Sparks and Dust Jun. 20, 2009
very good graphical effects. Reminds me of a console game.
Play Joel Ball Joel Ball Jun. 19, 2009
If the game doesn’t load properly the first time, please refresh the page.
Play TypeDown TypeDown Jun. 18, 2009
very fun and cool idea
Play do it please do it please Jun. 17, 2009
The name alone will probably get this game removed.
Play Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion Jun. 16, 2009
very very cool, great graphics.
Play Pilgrimage Pilgrimage Jun. 16, 2009
Crazy pixelated effect! Very unique idea and pulled off well. For the sequel, maybe you can add power ups that decrease the effect. Or, have it so that if you don't kill enemies, the effect gets worse and worse. A lot of concepts to be explored here.
Play Maze Game Maze Game Jun. 15, 2009
Play Shooter Spark and Enforces Shooter Spark and Enforces Jun. 15, 2009
any way to add head shots?
Play Animal Hunter Animal Hunter Jun. 11, 2009
smooth framerate. nice bg scrolling. good job
Play Hellstein Hellstein Jun. 10, 2009
A very good game with a great concept. The gameplay is top notch. I hope you guys are doing a sequel.
Play So higH So higH Jun. 08, 2009
ha, i like it!
Play Spot the Difference 8 Spot the Difference 8 Jun. 08, 2009
I actually found this quite entertaining. Nice artwork.
Play Big Rig: Truck Stop Parking Big Rig: Truck Stop Parking Jun. 07, 2009
pretty fun game. Played it all night now I am going to bed. Anyone know where I can find a lounge lizard?