AMeta's Comments

Game Comments
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 06, 2014
This game is not skill-based. You have to buy upgrades to progress past certain checkpoints, which is a poor game-design decision. 1/5 :(
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Oct. 09, 2013
The difficulty of the game doesn't involve player skills, it's so artificial. Bad game design. 2/5
Play Santa Can Fly Santa Can Fly Dec. 26, 2010
More helicopters than coins... >_<
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 07, 2010
The best way to obtain new hats is to defeat other teams (multiplayer mode) who have the hats you don't.
Play Primary Primary Feb. 24, 2010
Unplayable with azerty keyboard. 2/5
Play Starfire: Retaliation Starfire: Retaliation Jan. 26, 2010
Spaceship too slow, hitbox too big. 2/5
Play Toxie Radd 2 Toxie Radd 2 Dec. 16, 2009
WASD for moving? With a foreign keyboard? > 1/5
Play The Black Forest: Episode 1 The Black Forest: Episode 1 Dec. 06, 2009
Original, but the frustation is great, especially when us, the players, don't know where to go. Don't forget when designing a game that you must not limit/restrict the player's movement! 4/5
Play Dale & Peakot Dale & Peakot Dec. 03, 2009
Need option for changing the keys. With a non-english keyboard this game is unplayable.
I downgraded my rating from 5 to 3 : this game is original, but it can't be in the top 3.
Play TETRIS'D: The Game TETRIS'D: The Game Oct. 14, 2009
Too slipery. 2/5
Play Momentum Missile Mayhem 4 Momentum Missile Mayhem 4 Oct. 03, 2009
WASD? I'm on an Azerty keyboard and there are no controls options, so 1/5.
Play Huje Tower Huje Tower Sep. 28, 2009
"similar to World of Goo" Just similar? It looks really like WoG and the mechanisms are the same. I'ts just a copy. 1/5
Play Higher! Higher! Sep. 26, 2009
Clickbox for bomb too small, bomb rain annoying, but a relaxing game. 2/5 because of this bad game design.
Play MagnetiZR MagnetiZR Sep. 19, 2009
No originality. Too much like Audiosurf, but not as good. 2/5
Play Mount Eruption Mount Eruption Aug. 25, 2009
Too boring. 2/5
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 08, 2009
WASD vs Azerty... 1/5
Play Pixelvader Pixelvader Jul. 29, 2009
5/5 just for the bonus mode. Bosses need to devellop new patterns when they have low health.
Play Pandemic: American Swine Pandemic: American Swine Jul. 25, 2009
Too slow, too boring, just the USA and controls don't respond well. 2/5
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Jul. 14, 2009
Too easy and sometimes too long (last try = 26mn). 3/5