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Play Waves of the Undead Waves of the Undead Aug. 18, 2013
Nice job :D
Play When Asteroids Attack! When Asteroids Attack! Mar. 16, 2013
Nice :)
Developer response from HedonismGames

Thanks so much! :)

Play Survive Survive Mar. 11, 2013
Awesome :) 5/5!
Developer response from JYoung007


Play MOCS MOCS Jul. 03, 2012
Shame ico :( it gets quite tricky at round 7+
Play Pix - Extreme Edition! Pix - Extreme Edition! Jun. 27, 2011
Nice :)
Play Mental Maths Mental Maths Jan. 11, 2011
Added a "total score" section to the high score table. This has always been tracked, just never displayed - seems odd that it doesn't display the scores gained already :(
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Nov. 22, 2010
Instant classic
Play Mental Maths Mental Maths Sep. 29, 2010
mdh... what the? haha, how?
Play Vertical Drop Heroes Vertical Drop Heroes Sep. 02, 2010
Nice game... little bit too easy with an auto-escaping thief but it doesn't spoil the fun :)
Play Super Hangman PRO Super Hangman PRO Jul. 02, 2010
Obviously a 5/5 :)
Play Canabalt Canabalt Jul. 01, 2010
I've played this to death now and noticed a few things, hope this helps: Keep a slow pace! The platform 'spawns' are calculated based on your speed - meaning there will never be a platform that is unreachable at your current speed. Obviously if you hit a crate after the platform has spawned there's a chance you won't have the pace to make it but by keeping a low pace all the time you reduce that risk significantly. Crates near the start of a building give you a good chance to build speed back up before the next jump anyway, so hit them when possible - just avoid double crates. Don't jump further than you need to! If you aim to land on the first few centimetres of each platform you make windows and falling grinders much less of a problem. Grinders seem to fall exactly in the middle of their platforms, so by landing early you have a better chance of getting over them and back to solid ground in time for your next jump. <3 Canabalt!
Play Loved Loved Jun. 23, 2010
Very nice
Play Mental Maths Mental Maths Apr. 21, 2010
Hehe, I don't think I'd ever scored over 3500 before I got that, it just... happened. I suppose I must've tested it that much by now that my times tables are 2nd nature :)
Play Mental Maths Mental Maths Apr. 20, 2010
Just edited it based on your comments, HF
Play Mental Maths Mental Maths Apr. 19, 2010
An instruction screen is on the to-do list I promise :) Just wanted to get to grips with the Kongregate API to begin with
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Dec. 15, 2009
Nice game
Play The Last Frontier The Last Frontier Nov. 25, 2009
So much negativity -_- The game isn't impossible; the difficulty is pretty reasonable. The bad part is if you mess up and still complete a level, you have no chance on the next one, since it auto-saves in the only save slot. The controls are chaotic at best; it'd really benefit from control groups like most RTS games have. Who the hell cares about it being 'realistic'?! It's set on another planet fighting bugs. Swords don't set buildings on fire but people still liked Age of Empires. Overall I think it's a good game, could be great if it's remade with a bit more to do... and a fast forward button pleeeeeeeease.