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Play Building Rush Building Rush Oct. 04, 2014
Saved game is back, rating changed. Thanks
Play Building Rush Building Rush Oct. 04, 2014
Hey, thanks for deleting my saved data! I was thinking of trying to force myself to finish this game for the badge, but now I can just flip you the bird, vote 1, and move on.
Developer response from BarbarianGames

try again, please

Play Aviator Aviator Sep. 10, 2014
A lot has already been said about the wait times and, dull as they are, I understand you want to make money. Yet, I find it ridiculous that the most expensive planes also have the worst repair times. from less than 90s/point for the starting plane to more than 5min/pt for the most expensive: this is backwards. It punishes the player for playing your game. Also, needing a premium mat just to make a third connection in a city is ridiculous. The whole point of having a plane is that you get to fly it anywhere you want within your range. That artificial limitation is hard to accept.
Play Riverside Riverside Jul. 14, 2014
Some choices lead to a rather blunt "the zombies catch you" game over even though there may not necessarily any specific zombies around. It's kind of lazy and makes it look more like "the designer couldn't be arsed to write this branch, so start over."
Play Notorious Inc Notorious Inc Jun. 22, 2014
Fancy graphics and a bit of humor can't save this one from being just a bare-bones trading game. The random events are pretty annoying and bring nothing to the game (and have stupidly high chances of burning the player through no fault of their own) and the randomly fluctuating prices prevent any kind of strategic play. But the most annoying of all is the inability to just wait one week in the island while construction finishes when one has way too much cash and just wants to build. Needs extensive work.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jun. 06, 2014
Fun game, but here are two convenience things I missed: The ability to zoom out on the upgrade screen, and an option to make completed achievements not display anymore.
Play Warlords: Epic Conflict Warlords: Epic Conflict Mar. 30, 2014
Combat is a huge pain, and not fun at all. Less micromanaging and more strategy would imporve matters.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 25, 2014
The game is fun for a little while, but eventually swarms of ships that must be killed with weapons that take forever to recharge get boring, there is no use for the money, the targets are mislabeled on the main view, be it asteroids or enemy ships, because you don't update the array when something is destroyed. Missions are useless, since it's impossible to know what system they're supposed to be done in and inter-system travel is so slow and boring. The single multiplicative price factor for everything in a station makes trading unprofitable half the time in addition to being boring all the time. All in all it's pretty but it could have been SO MUCH MORE. Disappointing.
Developer response from momoguru

sorry you didn't like it... check back in a few weeks.

Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Mar. 22, 2014
The problem with the painfully long tutorial is that the rules are way too complex and tedious. This gives a bonus and that gives a bonus, but only under those conditions, and you have to go dig up cumbersome upgrades in a non-trivial upgrade menu where it's not clear until you get all the way down whether you have enough resources to upgrade or not. Production caps feel as arbitrary as everything else, and since there is no time to build rationally, you are pretty much telling the player: "Screw planning and strategy, just do as much stuff as you can without even thinking about it, and pray it all works out." Too bad, if you let the player control the flow of time the game could have been good.
Play Pillow City Pillow City Mar. 16, 2014
Everything pertaining to inventory management is poorly designed and huge pain to use. The main character moves like a concrete truck in sand. Combat is boring and repetitive. This game had a lot of promise but all aspects of it are crippled by the horrible design. Too bad.
Play The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Feb. 22, 2014
A word of advice to anyone struggling with the fog (shitty) puzzle: Turn on closed captions. As long as you know what sound you're looking for the game will point you to the right path. It even has a sound mention for silence. Shittiest. Game. Ever.
Play The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Feb. 20, 2014
These games are getting stupider and stupider. The puzzles are lame, the linearity is overbearing, and after a while it feels like I'm just clicking through some poorly written Poe fan fiction. Best/Worst element: Chasing the red-headed guy through all of London only to be unable to talk to him when finally catching up. I've been asking every last soul I met about this guy and what his deal is but when I meet him I just give him my ticket and go? It's absurd beyond belief. The entire plot is crap. Biggest cop out: "How did I get from being buried alive in Scotland to getting out in London?" "A bird did it."
Play Idle Downloader Idle Downloader Feb. 15, 2014
Game crashes after Void project. Buggy...
Play Dillo Hills 2 Dillo Hills 2 Feb. 02, 2014
Does the API only send scores on full moons? Give me my badge already, I hate this game!
Play Papa's Pastaria Papa's Pastaria Jan. 25, 2014
Another rehash of the same micromanaging game. Still no upgrade to streamline the process, only to make the micromanagement worse. If you don't want this game badged vote it 1 while it makes a difference. And if you do want it badged why don't you go play one the dozen or so exactly identical papa's whateveria games that have already been badged?
Play Eredan Arena Eredan Arena Jan. 25, 2014
The game might be fun if the window wasn't stupidly tall. I understand it's probably designed for phones, but if you're going to make Flash version make it usable on laptops/desktops. Too bad too, because the game looks like it might have some potential.
Play Tesla: War Of Currents Tesla: War Of Currents Jan. 25, 2014
Very nice anti-tower defense, but some make it a pain to play. The biggest one is that healing tower sometimes stop healing some towers entirely, even though they are in their range. Rearranging the towers triggers the healing again, sometimes. Another annoying glitch is that getting a card or card part removes the focus from the main game window and keyboard commands no longer work. Put your keyboard listener directly on the stage. It about the only thing that should ever be put directly on the stage, so take advantage!
Play Zos Zos Jan. 10, 2014
The potion system is a horrible pain to use. Why force the player to remake the same potions over and over again. The one to use the computers was already needlessly petty, but the one for higher jumps took the cake. Just make them permanent.
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Dec. 24, 2013
Very cumbersome and awkward in the controls. Pretty, but you should have spent much more time making sure the game was more pleasant to play. The player has no control over time: it flows way too fast when doing things in the main view, but way too slow when waiting for an errand to complete. The main view is too big, having to scroll manually to do basic stuff gets old quickly. The menu helps a bit with that, but is not perfect either. The success estimates all sound like 'your guess is as good as mine' which is the exact opposite of helpful. There is NO WAY to tell beforehand if a mission is too easy, too hard or just right for the party. All in all, it's pretty to look at but a total pain to play.
Developer response from Arkatufus

Take the game casually, you're not penalized for failing, in fact, you're still getting a fraction of the quest reward. I know this is hard to accept if you're an hard core gamer, but trust me, there is no shame in getting creamed on a quest in this game. It is, in a way, the way it is with the story. You're running a school that is filled with anime style advisors that bickers with each other, giving erroneous, mischievous, and (we hope) funny result.

Play Glean 2 Preview Glean 2 Preview Dec. 23, 2013
Fun game, but you might want to fiddle with the balance a bit. Lava/uranium, and the last minerals and crystals are a pain to get even after collecting and upgrading as much as possible without them. Some resources (viscera, pearls, chitin) are just a pain to get in the required quantities and are annoying bottlenecks, because the player is forced to scan planet after planet to exterminate the bugs nothing else. And neither the spike bugs nor millipedes even show up on radar, talk about a middle finger to the player! You should make spike bugs sensitive to dynamite, even if only from underneath, so at least the ones in air planets are collectible. Finally the last optics upgrade does nothing (ozone clouds don't show either on screen nor on minimap) and even if it did, by the time got optics 8 they have learned to camp an ozone cloud when they happen to stumble upon one. Making an upgrade that facilitates collection of a given resource depend on that resource is silly, really.
Developer response from okaybmd

We will definitely tweak the trophy numbers. We didn't really have any problems when testing, but planets being random can lead to situations where they are in short supply. We'll also look into Optics 8. Update from okaybmd: We have tweaked the trophies a lot since this comment (you can get more viscera, citin, pearls form higher depths, doubled the number of oysters, can use dynamite on the spiked creatures, etc), plus they are now easier to find because you can spot them on the minimap (you also get 5 free radar pulses given at some point after completing some objectives in the beginning)