Adirondack's Comments

Game Comments
Play Brain Waves Brain Waves Nov. 09, 2010
Could use some clarification on the instructions (especially on the "Multitasking" level) but nice job! 4/5
Play Adventure Jump Adventure Jump Aug. 23, 2010
Great game! Art was really nicely done and it wasn't too easy. 5/5
Play Home Sheep Home Home Sheep Home Feb. 26, 2010
Great game! Cute characters, with fitting music and sound effects, excellent artwork. My only complaint is that it needs more and longer levels. And a sequel! Well done, 5/5!
Play Super Shrinking One Button Pong Super Shrinking One Button Pong Dec. 15, 2009
Cool idea, but just not executed perfectly. (Except that automatic pause button was nice.) The controls were unpredictable and it took precise timing just to return a ball. It was nearly impossible to sustain a long rally. Perhaps you could add different levels of difficulty? Could use music, and the sound effects were a little annoying. Also, at the last level of zoomed-outness, it was really hard to see, much less win the point due to the fact that the opponent returned almost everything. Again, this goes hand in hand with adding more than one level of difficulty. Needs improvement, but the "one button" idea has potential. 2/5
Play SquareThere SquareThere Dec. 15, 2009
Very cool. It kind-of reminded me of backwards Tetris, or something. Nice music and sound effects, and thanks for putting in a pause button! Really stylish as well, I liked how you could move around the blocks on the grid without having to take them back to the starting point. The "random level" feature was also nice. If anything, I would like to see more than twenty levels and the blocks to snap in easier to the grid. 5/5
Play Tree Tree Dec. 13, 2009
Original and fun. Although I didn't play for long, it was a cool idea, I loved how you could collect the fruits for more drill length. The art was excellent, as well! It could use music, but other than that, nice job. 4/5
Play Obey the Game Obey the Game Dec. 13, 2009
Another elephant game? Either way, it was excellent! Really fast-paced, it required you to think quickly. 4/5
Play The Black Forest: Episode 2 The Black Forest: Episode 2 Dec. 13, 2009
Excellent mini-game. Superb art, challenging play through-out, fitting music and sound effects, and a great follow-up on last weeks'. Creative and original. 5/5
Play Jeeves Volleyball Jeeves Volleyball Dec. 12, 2009
Nice one! I really liked it, but it was nearly impossible for me to complete my serve. Perhaps you could alternate the person who serves? Great music, sounds effects, and simple art! I also liked the two player option. What about adding a pause button? Nicely done. 4/5
Play Kensington & Chelsea Challenge- Climbing Wall game Kensington & Chelsea Challenge- Climbing Wall game Dec. 08, 2009
Original, indeed. I've never seen a game before like this where you can arrange the limbs at such extreme, crazy angles! The hand and foot holds were spaced too far apart in some places. After playing the first "trampolining game" part in the series, I found this one to be a little better. Keep working on it! 4/5
Play The Black Forest: Episode 1 The Black Forest: Episode 1 Dec. 06, 2009
Nice job! Very interesting, but I think it could use more thorough instructions. I'm looking forward to the next three episodes. Fun mini-game! 4/5
Play 101 Cool Facts 101 Cool Facts Nov. 28, 2009
Interesting, but I'm sure a couple of the facts aren't completely true. Also, could you come up with a more exciting way to present the facts? 3/5
Play Nov. 23, 2009
Thanks for adding the mute button! Also, when pausing, pressing "p" didn't work for me, but otherwise using space worked fine. Sometimes the trajectory of the arrows would fall right in front of the moving black dot, therefore making it inevitable to run into the arrow. Is there any way to fix this? I liked the idea, original! Needs a bit of work, but I really liked it and it was executed perfectly. 4/5
Play How goes in town How goes in town Nov. 21, 2009
I liked the idea of it! But it needs to be executed better. First of all, I ran out of room after about five minutes of playing. Perhaps you could add the option of buying more land? Another flaw I encountered was once you were able to buy all seven buildings, there was nothing left to do. Also, adding hotkeys would make it much easier to construct the buildings. Needs a lot of work, but has potential. 2/5
Play Copy Cat Copy Cat Nov. 17, 2009
Super job! I really liked playing this game, it was nothing short of excellent. Some levels were pretty challenging, but it was great how you could clean your canvas. The music was nice, and my only suggestion is to add more levels! 5/5 and almost fav'ed.
Play Who's that Blue Cat ?! Who's that Blue Cat ?! Nov. 16, 2009
Nice try for a first game. I liked it more than I thought I would, but it's nothing new. Pretty easy, even though the enemies shot quickly. It's well done, but needs some originality. 3/5
Play Adventurous Eric Adventurous Eric Nov. 15, 2009
Nice job! I really liked the illustrations, and the plot of the game. However, it was a little distracting having to solve the maze, and not have any time to look at the sequence of events after. Perhaps you could add a pause or another level of difficulty? I also really liked the music and sound effects, I kept my volume on! I really enjoyed playin until I got stuck, 4/5 & it has loads of potential!
Play Find the Numbers Challenge 40 Find the Numbers Challenge 40 Nov. 12, 2009
Nice game! I liked the presentation of it, kind-of like an "I Spy" of sorts. My only suggestion is to add a Hint Button with limited uses. I also liked the magnifying glass, and how you didn't have to go in numerical order. Overall, it's well done! 4/5
Play Loco Cocoa Loco Cocoa Nov. 10, 2009
Sometimes you forget how truly excellent a game is until you play it a second time. 5/5
Very funny! I enjoyed watching all the videos, especially "Bowling". I'm glad to see that there is a series of them, and a tower defense game, although I have yet to play it. It's technically not a game, but still, very entertaining. 4/5