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Play The Sagittarian The Sagittarian Mar. 19, 2012
If I had a nickle for every time I died in this...
Play Bleach Vs Naruto [Complete] Bleach Vs Naruto [Complete] Mar. 19, 2012
Did anyone notise Anko in the background of Rukia's death?
Play DuckLife2: World Champion DuckLife2: World Champion Mar. 18, 2012
Did anyone notise how in running, when the duck Jumps, his eyes change from green to blue?
Play Moby Dick - The Video Game Moby Dick - The Video Game Mar. 17, 2012
Thumbs up if you just looked up dick and then went to this game...
Play Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade Mar. 17, 2012
It's good...but there's something bugging "the Meet Raven" mission (I think that was it's name) the one where you fight a blue ghost to further your training? Well, when you use a 3x bite attack on that ghost, you end up biting his ****. Just saying.
Play :the game: :the game: Feb. 05, 2012
When he said "no, there's no porn, if you are wondering" I stayed there for like 10 minutes to see if any porn popped up. Seriously.
Play Mitoza Mitoza Feb. 05, 2012
10 little split parts of a giant fly doing a satanic act to summon a seed and then getting attracted by a giant magnetizer. My life is complete.
Play SOPA - The Game SOPA - The Game Jan. 29, 2012
I clicked this game because I tought it had something to do with SOPA. :|
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 28, 2011
Hmm, quite entertaining I must say.