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Play Adventure Story Adventure Story Mar. 14, 2015
I just love the font used in that game! :) Some developers use strange fonts, and prefer some wierd style over readability, they shuld take an example from this guys, its pretty, stylish, and so easy to read.
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Dec. 07, 2012
Hey, the game is great! :) but I think that the animation when I crash is definetly too long. But it may be so because I crash alot :D
Play Mushbits Mushbits Nov. 18, 2012
great game, but I can not focus because I 'm rocking from left to right with the bunnies to the music :D
Play SeppuKuties SeppuKuties Nov. 17, 2012
As Megamonkey24 writes in his post but level 5-2 can alse have deaths. I actually managed to have 26 lifes after beateing the last level. Great little game. Thanks guys! :)
Play Continuity Continuity Oct. 07, 2012
Simply one of the best games I've played! Thanks guys a lot :)
Play Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Oct. 09, 2011
I've never clicked "Show hint or tip or something". Maybe that's why I have nightmares about unsolved puzzles :D But I won't give up, never!
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Sep. 27, 2011
That game is amazing guys! Thank You very much for it. The old good times...:)