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Cherishing freedom above all else (excluding treasure, booze, women, fighting, and more treasure), the scurvy pirates sail the seas in search of adventure and glory.

One fateful morning, a violent storm blew Auger and his crew's ship off course. They sought refuge from the weather in a rocky cove of a small, uncharted island. It was there that they discovered an ancient treasure fiercely guarded by Ranec Vest, the ghost of a fabled captain from generations past.

Ranec challenged Auger to a pistol duel, to which the mortal captain emerged victorious. Bullet-ridden but otherwise still sentient, Ranec relinquished his treasure to Auger's crew, then accepted an invitation to join their ranks.
Characters (click card to see back)

Auger Blackboot, Ship's Captain

Like any great leader, Auger specializes in confusing his opponents into using their own attacks against themselves.

Strengths: Long-range interrupts, key managerial efficiency in addressing core demographic issues preventing streamlined process and cohesive structure
Vulnerabilities: Light magic, close-range combat
Editions Owned
Pirates r1

Ranec Vest, Ghost Pirate

Ranec was once struck down and made more powerful than you could possibly imagine, but he won't easily suffer the same fate again.

Strengths: Close-range combat, brief physical immunity
Vulnerabilities: Light magic, long-range combat
Editions Owned
Pirates r1

Darla Cross, the Saucy Wench

Sailing the seas with a handful of knives, some poisonous brew and a thieving parrot, Darla is living out every young girl's dream.

Strengths: Stealing items, long-range combat
Vulnerabilities: Physical damage, close-range combat
Editions Owned
Pirates r1

Balthazar Bomb-britches, the Cannoneer

A philosopher once said, "Cannons are designed to hurt." Opponents would be foolish to allow Balthazar to load and fire his favorite toy.

Strengths: Long-range splash damage, stun immunity
Vulnerabilities: Cannon load time, close-range combat

Starbuck, the Strapping First Mate

A shirt would only slow Starbuck down, as he clobbers and confuses those who engage in a close-range brawl.

Strengths: Close-range combat, physical resistance
Vulnerabilities: Any magic, long-range combat
Editions Owned
Pirates r1

Ornamental Egg

Particularly effective with Auger's Rapid-fire Pistol, Balthazar's Shot-put, and Starbuck's Gigaton Punch.

Navigator's Sextant

Unless they're walking the plank, no one escapes a pirate! Keep your enemies close by with the Navigator's Sextant.

Captain's Grog Mug

Best used with Balthazar, as his high health makes a killing blow from over 30% less likely. Least effective with Darla Cross.

Cursed Doubloons

For long fights, this drain can really add up, effectively lowering an opponent's energy regeneration by 10%.

Polished Spyglass

The pirates are already an accurate bunch, but stat-lowering effects from enemies are fairly common.