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Play Suck My Card CCG Suck My Card CCG May. 31, 2014
A Cards of Humanity spin off that guarantees just as much laughs for free,dont you think?
Play Sift Heads 0 Sift Heads 0 Jun. 08, 2013
Mission 4 is pretty much impossible to defeat
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Feb. 10, 2013
Elisio12: All this while,Burrito Bison has been PUSHING the doors,when he can just PULL it.But,on the other hand,the money inside the doors are pretty tempting,explaining why the doors should not be locked by all circumstances.
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 10, 2013
Those bears sure got guts,running around in the stadium instead of sitting in their seats.What do they think,they can handle Burrito Bison.NO ONE STOPS BURRITO BISON!
Play Stickya Adventurya Stickya Adventurya Jan. 25, 2013
who killed all the bunnies?
Play The Unfair Platformer The Unfair Platformer Jan. 25, 2013
I did this long before pewdie did it.But its different.The First time.I made it to the caves.Now I have finished it.Keep watching pewdie COOL
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Jan. 21, 2013
Oh,so tell me,if you should fly over them,what happened to them strikes and breaches?
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Dec. 26, 2012
Sometimes I wonder why the shopowner was so reluctant to leave the zombies.Maybe he's one himself?...
Play Crush the Castle Crush the Castle Dec. 17, 2012
And finally....CASTLE 24! Well,as the last castle,I suggest we put two knights to protect ourselves.
Play Crush the Castle Crush the Castle Dec. 17, 2012
Castles 1 and 2-Let's brave the siege by putting only one knight to protect the castle!Castle 3-oh look,brave knights abut to attack our castle!Let's get ready to meet them!Castle 4,20 and 5 and -How about this,let's balance our castle on planks and overlook the fact that it is going to fall if hit once.Castle 6 ,13,14 and 9-Who needs knights?I am on my own!(Castle 14 I am pretty sure hiding behind a bulding with some spikes below me should serve as a good enough defense anyway!) Castle 7 and 8:They can never get us from up here.Indeed sir! Castle 10,19,21,22 and 15-(This is really not a bad castle) Castle 11-Ok,so one knight cannot protect the castle,let us try two knights! Castle 12-Alright.Let's just bring in 30 knights or so.Just build a weak building and we'll be fine. Castle 16 and 17-YOU CAN TAKE MY CASTLE,YOU CAN TAKE MY KNIGHTS,BUT NOONE TAKES MY WIFE!!! Castle 18-Ha,I win!I get the most knights! Castle 23-This strong castle will most certainly protect this weak castle.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 30, 2012
I would give a million for a jeep that does not blow up by any circumstances,but a Bus for 2500 is also good.
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Nov. 27, 2012
Found this in tobesnews:Adding a drop of Olive oil and Lemon Juice to an icecube and running it over your face is better than some expenxive skin care products.Magical Icecube FTW!
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Nov. 27, 2012
I cant be the only one who wrote down the order of the countries due to sudden increase in difficulty in some conturys,right? Right?
Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Oct. 20, 2012
Deep Sleep: I congrat you so very much,Scriptwelder.You have scared me out of my wits.Great 8 bit graphics game,and good job with the Puzzles.I had the scare of my life finding out.I think you are going to make another one right?Well,thank you so much for the game. I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now? John Lennon
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Sep. 06, 2012
Hello,oh,Burrito Bison has returned has returned?Oh,for his wallet that is in our indestructible safe?Okay,let all the gummies run in the streets again and make sure there are new ones,I wanna eat more of their remains. So tasty...Oh and give more opponents,I dont want an overkill like last time..Yes that will be all,yes,goodbye.*squashed by Burrito Bison*
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Sep. 06, 2012
And upon finishing the game,all my troubles are eased for spending 2 hours of my free time thrashing this game,but one mystery remains unsolved.....:What does a burrito have to do with this?
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Sep. 02, 2012
P.S Princess 9 is Princess Peach,So,what was that about getting princess 1?Mario gonna have to work a whole lot harder!
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Sep. 02, 2012
Amazing game with ingredients oh so simple,Especially a knight saving princesses.At first I thought:This is gonna be a stupid game about running and hitting people with your pathetic sword.Then I relaized that this guys dosent run he uses his rocket more than his sword(maybe),and you get to upgrade.Beatutiful!Oh and yeah,after Princess 5,I got the idea he is a player.Badges MUST be added for this and I am looking foward to more games for this.+ if you want badges.
Play Gingerbread Circus 2 Gingerbread Circus 2 Aug. 31, 2012
Strangely.this is easier than the previous one.Good show my boy,good show
Play Mr. Anderson 2: Avenging the Avenger Mr. Anderson 2: Avenging the Avenger Aug. 31, 2012
You must defeat the evil inside you!Destroy it now! I cant believe he did not realize that he was evil.But then,neither did I.