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Play League of Angels League of Angels Feb. 27, 2014
money money money, sounds so funny. in a rich man's world~
Play Emporea: Realms of War & Magic Emporea: Realms of War & Magic Feb. 25, 2014
Facebook allows you to send/Receive materials as gifts. Kongregate players do no have this privilege. Why play with a handicap?
Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Dec. 19, 2013
GAMEBOXCY please explain your reasoning behind launching a second server when your initial sever is a stone throw away from vacant.
Developer response from gameboxcy

Well, I think opening a new server is to give all the players another chance to start playing.

Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Dec. 18, 2013
@kyled90 as for the battle chances increasing over time, all they will do is take away your 20 battle chances reset and set it to 5 and give you the rest every hour up to the exact same cap of 20/day, just like every other timer based game out there. my question to you is; are you an idiot?
Developer response from gameboxcy

I think kyled90 is posing a suggestion, we understand his position when getting no battles to do and the urge of enjoying more battle fun. Thanks for the kind concern any way :)

Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Dec. 18, 2013
@kyled90 resources going over the limit is not a bug, its a way of ensuring that reward resources are received by the player instead of lost when accepting. e.g. arena reward. not this cap is predominantly to stop passive income abuse such as a lvl 1 player quitting to come back a year later or players farming their alternative accounts.
Developer response from gameboxcy

Thanks Aimma, we really appreciate your kind answer, and once very impressed again by your game playing skills and understanding of the game concept :)

Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Dec. 12, 2013
Many aspects of this game's overview seem to be incomplete. in particular the information display such as true land raid output, it is higher than displayed and more importantly what the captured city gives per hr, ROME is a crucial example. Levy output and unit stats such as "TEN" would be another example as both seem to have modifiers the devs did not think would exist at the time of design as nothing displays their final value.
Developer response from gameboxcy

We would like to submit your opinions to the developers to consider. Thanks for your support. :)

Play Nightbanes Nightbanes Dec. 06, 2013
@olshanski that's your internet having a connection issue. i have the same problem at work when using a week wireless signal.
Play Steam Defense Steam Defense Nov. 23, 2013
any way to repair equipment other than premium?
Developer response from MadSwordStudio

Yes, you can now repair equipment for gold.

Play Nightbanes Nightbanes Nov. 21, 2013
@standizzle4 all very valid points that i think most of us mentioned. still im giving this game 3 months from release to prove that the potential from the art/creators previous games has some momentum.
Play Nightbanes Nightbanes Nov. 06, 2013
please add some thing to do for players that aren't interested in pvp, at least hold my attention for an hour before being out of things to do. at the moment its 17 battles then done for the evening, it makes this game just too easy to forget to come back to.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 06, 2013
up on entering evil cave the screen flashes white where the evil cave title appears on the right hand side and it keeps doing it in a loop form the flash
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 06, 2013
uhm guys, this game is about 3 years old, why is the release date 4/11/13?
Play Remnant Knights Remnant Knights Sep. 29, 2013
use the generated account name to avoid HMAC error
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Sep. 25, 2013
perhaps, don't quote me, but just maybe this is a casual game that's intended to be casual? i.e. play once a gay for 30 min and go out and have the rest of your life take place in a real world.
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 11, 2013
this is by far the best comic value I've got out of a game in well over a year. i really hope you make more like this and pat your writer/self on the back for a job well done! here's hoping you win that kong bonus~
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jun. 15, 2013
Dev: "Crystal weaponary is not the strongest weapon . Some strongest weapon is gold / free currency ." yet the best 2h sword, dual daggers, shield all require items that are only available via crystals. but i see what you did there ;D
Play Battle Conquest Battle Conquest May. 28, 2013
@Gheata it is true that the text is somewhat cryptic. Think of the scenario as a 2 step process, you can increase the size of your market but if the traders are armatures they will not be able to benefit, hence the “education” from the research which vice versa cannot be done without the larger market.
Play Battle Conquest Battle Conquest May. 27, 2013
@Electrictran No friendly fire is feasible as the norm of the last 5 years in the “dumb down” game development but the devs have encouraged more thought & plan approach as the norm for this game. Though I agree at the moment it causes range units lack a certain je ne sais quoi.
Play Battle Conquest Battle Conquest May. 27, 2013
@zerggross stats display – I’m sure a tool tip could be added in later in the development to show necessary information. Hero equipment – Hero is one but has many lives and is not restricted by unit stat caps, e.g. light infantry has low defensive caps but a hero can peak out at a far higher value.
Play Battle Conquest Battle Conquest May. 17, 2013
@urdady regarding your resource market comment i made a post on their forum asking exactly for that, dev said no. community didn't back it up.