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Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 31, 2014
One of the top comments is requesting a x50/x100 button for previewing prices. Respectfully: Bunk that. Though I appreciate the sentiment, and an x100 (and for that matter, xMax) would be nice for that moment right after a reset, in terms of previewing prices... The prices are already there, the game knows them. Why can't we just... See them? Throw an extra manager in there that costs angels and is an accountant for me, give me an option in the stats screen to get a list of tables. One table for each business, gives me the prices for the next 5 or 10 individual purchases of that business in a list.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 30, 2014
is the easter egg the phone because seriously guys that is a really lame easter egg <3 u still
Developer response from HyperHippoGames

Hahaha! Actually, there might be more... ;)

Play Dubious Defenders Dubious Defenders May. 31, 2014
Bug: Upgrading war camp prematurely caps the max level of recruitment parties. Once recruitment parties can't reduce speed below 10 they become unpurchaseable regardless (but war camp still reduces underneath 10 anyway).
Play Idle Planet Idle Planet Mar. 13, 2014
I have to say, this game has a few issues (namely the confusing UI, it /really/ looks like the increased score upgrades have an impact on the effectiveness of those things; as well as the annoyance of the grind necessary to actually get your planet started up), but it is ridiculously beautiful. Something I feel would make the game significantly better: A relatively inexpensive (to start with) upgrade to give you a "brush" tool to "paint" with and raise humidity/fertility/etc in larger areas with. Make it scale up in price relatively quickly, but selectable in different sizes (there's even space in the UI to the left of the planet for it, just make it look the same as the tools at the bottom, but vertically aligned). I feel like the most annoying thing is how long it takes to actually raise the stats, because you have to do literally every pixel individually. I've only been using a medium planet, I can only imagine the hardship people who chose the largest size must be going through.
Play Battle without End Battle without End Mar. 12, 2014
My pet rat has more health than I do, lol.
Play Gravitee 2 Gravitee 2 Jan. 18, 2014
First hard badge earned of the year, feeling good.
Play Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive Oct. 09, 2013
Game crashes at level 11.
Play MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction Oct. 09, 2013
Holy jesus, I just had a run that made my hand go numb it went so long, second time playing this game after literally years. I thought I did good, and I did. Got the SAM Sharpshooter badge from it. But was at 2660 missiles endured. I wasn't even going for that medal, but now that I should be I almost feel discouraged. That run took forever, I can hardly imagine doing it again (and then some).
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Apr. 29, 2013
RBE stands for "Red Bloon Equivalent". It's the number of total red pops the wave will take total to defeat (and the number of potential lives lost if you let the wave get through). Note that it doesn't change in any way to distinguish, say, lead or camo bloons from the others. It's just a slight tool for estimation.
Play The King's League The King's League Apr. 22, 2013
I have to say that this game was enjoyable for a bit, but felt very easy and very repetitive. There's no real reason not to attack cities whenever the option presents itself, because you'll recoup the fame loss quickly. There's no motivation to keep old units you've trained instead of trading them for new unique units, the unique units tend to be better than or on par with mundane units two levels above them. You can't give your troops any system of tactics, so it's basically "healer, two blockers and ranged". It seemed very... Flawed. Pretty, but not much substance to it. Just my thoughts.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Jan. 23, 2010
Something I forgot to mention on the Mega Tower I brought up: It's not just fast. The damage stat is 357 (It one-hits stuff for a ridiculous amount of waves), and it's range is enough that if it's on the center x or center y axis (preferably both) it can hit the entire map.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Jan. 23, 2010
Anyone looking for a good combo for a Mega Tower should try out a max fire rate, max machine gun, max splash damage, and max anti ghost. It has a reload stat of "2" when it's done, so it's basically a line of bubbles. Probably should count as cheating. I'm gonna try to figure out what a Mega Mega Tower of four of them does.
Play How to Raise a Dragon How to Raise a Dragon Dec. 03, 2009
Jakeydays: Remember that you can double jump in adolescent. The only real purpose for it is to get that torch in the basement. Double jump, then bite as you fall. Should only take one or two tries.
Play CubeField CubeField Aug. 01, 2009
I got just over 1,000,000 points. I rock.
Play Bloons Tower Defense 2 Bloons Tower Defense 2 Aug. 01, 2009
The glitch that increases speed can increase ANY upgrade. Just sayin.
Play Nano War Nano War Aug. 01, 2009
Someone here has played the game "Shattered Plans". By which I mean the developer. Don't worry. I won't tell... >.>
Play You Only Live Once You Only Live Once Jul. 31, 2009
@allthedumbasses Yeah, before you complain about not being able to retry, how about you read the name of the game.
Play Red Remover Red Remover Jul. 30, 2009
For those curious as to the meaning of the morse code after one of the badges, it says "Morsecodeisboringtotranslate".
Play WalkRight WalkRight Jul. 17, 2009
@Snaggles: Same. As for the game... Well, it was good. Same kind of idea as "You have to burn the rope". I don't know which came first, don't want to check, and am willing to give whichever came second the benefit of the doubt. As it is, I only rate the game as 3/5. Docked 1 for poor graphics, and 1 for it being short.
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Jun. 25, 2009
@Krogrun: That's not a question... That's a statement.