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Play Sensou Sensou Jan. 02, 2008
Thanks for your comments, I'm already working on a 1.5 version and it is almost done.
Play Sensou Sensou Dec. 18, 2007
Sorry guys, the game is fixed now. I've restarted the server in order to disconnect the blocked players.
Play Sensou Sensou Dec. 17, 2007
There is no fake players in the game. It looks like that there are some users that are connected for days, you can see that there are a lot of guest in the kong chat room. Or this users forget the game page opened or they somehow are blocking the connected socket. In any case this is bad because they are using slots that could be used for other players.
Play Sensou Sensou Dec. 09, 2007
Thanks for the comments, this is my first game and I really put a lot of effort on it. I'll fix the bugs and improve the gameplay.