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Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Aug. 31, 2013
A true masterpiece. Not just as a game, but as a source of learning, too. I have learned more about those philosophic ideas in this game then in 2 years of philosophy at school. Aaaaand I'm totally going to search the web for a download of Ace Attorney games now :O
Play Super Monday Night Combat Super Monday Night Combat Nov. 29, 2012
Wait, they're promoting SMNC on flashgame sites now? Oh well, let's hope it does revive the game from the dead (because the last time I checked it was pretty much dead, with a playerbase barely reaching the 200 mark).
Play Engage Engage Nov. 18, 2012
WHY the hell did you put the first 3 weapons onto buttons 3-5? Wouldn't 1-3 make more sense here? I really dislike tha automatic mode, but are having a hard time pulling the right weapons because, opposed to any other game I've ever played, this game actually switches the order of weapons.
Play DarkOrbit DarkOrbit May. 19, 2010
Come on guys, BOYKOTT this commercial nonsense! FREE KONGREGATE OF BIGPOINT!!!
Play DarkOrbit DarkOrbit May. 18, 2010
Please up this comment to TELL KONGREGATE TO NOT SUPPORT ANY BIGPOINT COMMERCIAL GAMES... Exspecially, since they aren't even real flash, but browsergames.
Play The Final Death Wish The Final Death Wish May. 16, 2010
Level Cap is an epic fail... advertising x million of perks isn't really useful if you just can't use them.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! May. 16, 2010
The Sworddancing-bosses suck... You play perfect, but then one of them comes in and just dodges every freakin attack+meteors...
Play Epsilon Epsilon May. 12, 2010
Got stucked for quite some time on 5B because the ball suddenly wouldn't pass the protal, but just bounced off it/got stucked in it/ ended up inside of a wall... Quite annoying.
Play Dummy Never Fails Dummy Never Fails May. 04, 2010
Lol ^^ I got over 9 million pain on a level because the dummy got stucked between wall and slider XD
Play Async Racing Async Racing May. 01, 2010
Honestly... add something to prevent the "High-Rated-Championchip" from getting all the n00bmaps having 1 5Star-vote (of their creators) only...
Play Async Racing Async Racing Apr. 30, 2010
*faceclaw* @ all the track-maker-n00bs rating their own track both 5 star... Guys, the second rating is FOR DIFFICULTY! No problem with yourself voting your track with 5 stars for fun, but please vote the difficulty accordingly... a single loop is NOT 5 stars difficult.
Play Async Racing Async Racing Apr. 30, 2010
Tip for Ben: Challenge-Easy Tracks usually gives you the NEWEST tracks... because tracks without any rating have Difficulty 0. Fix it, pls >.<
Play Async Racing Async Racing Apr. 30, 2010
"Your Tracks: Circle-Track by Ralfmich" Uhm, wtf? I want to play MY track!
Play Async Racing Async Racing Apr. 30, 2010
Additonaly features on other website = 1/5, period. Game itself looks quite nice and the idea is surely good ^^
Play Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Flash Game Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Flash Game Apr. 29, 2010
The basic idea isn't bad, but the game is to short and even for being short kinda repetitive. Level 6 kept bothering me with combining an special boss-element with spamming special obstacles where i ned to use different elements (ergo: couldn't attack him a couple of times). The Time Rewind is often bugged (i kill 2 enemys, rewind the second kill and suddenly both enemys are back), the controls are... uhm... However, it would be 3-4, but for being an ad-game you get 1/5
Play Thanks Tanks! Thanks Tanks! Apr. 28, 2010
Lets see: Some weapons don't fit their cost and are overpowered. F.e. Machine Gun is far superior since Cannon, since the tanks rush at each other either way. Additionally, there should be some kind of "fall back" command... otherwise long range tanks are completely useless. Also it always tells me i got 5 Prestige points after each battle (though i get the amount of points defined in the level).
Play Penguins Attack TD 2 Penguins Attack TD 2 Apr. 25, 2010
0 lives lost, but just "99% killed" ? lol...
Play Flakboy Flakboy Apr. 23, 2010
... Just used 2 "Hautvernichter"s at once... it got bugged and kept damaging him forever ^^ However, basic, not-translated (though it seems to be useable without instructions etc XD) Kill-it game... 3/5
Play Viricide Viricide Apr. 23, 2010
Nice game, good graphic, well-balanced upgrades etc... nice story... Good game overall, just a slight lack of replay value ^^ 4/5
Play Nob War: The Elves Nob War: The Elves Apr. 23, 2010
Nope... If my 200 centaurs loose against 220 elves in melee then something with the "elves are weak in melee" just can't be right. Also, enemy humans seem to take full dmg by any kind of arrow (thought they should only take 1 dmg?). Nice idea in general, but next to that bugs it gets too repeatetive quick... 3/5