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Play Super Rolby 64: Part One Super Rolby 64: Part One Nov. 26, 2013
I would rather slam my nuts with an anvil than play this.
Developer response from Rolby

fuck u im gonna delete u from credits

Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 12, 2013
I like the game but I gave it 1 star for the mind-numbingly retarded dialogue.
Play Incursion 2: The Artifact Incursion 2: The Artifact Jul. 07, 2013
F me the voice acting is terrible
Play Super Rolby 64 Demo Super Rolby 64 Demo May. 07, 2013
Umm wat? I took a shortcut right at the beginning and wall jumped up and to my left and 2 screens later I was in the boss room?
Developer response from Rolby

oh shit u found out the special glitch of which i thought no one would discover it. btw, i fixed this glitch.

Play Rolby Super Hero Adventure Rolby Super Hero Adventure Jan. 06, 2013
I flagged this game for harassment.
Play Rolby Super Hero Adventure Rolby Super Hero Adventure Jan. 04, 2013
Wow this game is amazing. The characterization is incredible and the writing Hollywoodean. The villain in this game is better than 3 Heath Ledger Jokers in a stew. 5/5 needs badges.
Developer response from Rolby

vote +1

Play lalala im on an adventure lalala im on an adventure Jan. 02, 2013
first lol
Play Siegius Arena Siegius Arena Oct. 24, 2012
I love that the training ground is so similar to the one in Spartacus :D
Play Little Samurai Little Samurai Jun. 22, 2011
But the kanji only reads Kuro...
Play Animal RaceWay Animal RaceWay May. 13, 2011
Speed - 1000, everything else, 150 loolololol
Play Wrath of Evil Wrath of Evil Apr. 18, 2011
It's the Epic Meal Time song!
Play My Little Army My Little Army Apr. 16, 2011
Can you make the dialogue not retarded?
Play My Little Army My Little Army Apr. 14, 2011
Screw you game. I'll spam units if I want to.
Play Fantasy University Fantasy University Feb. 12, 2011
This might be the funniest game on Kong.
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Nov. 11, 2010
Fix the damn inventory. Equipping items shouldn't be such a hassle.
Play Project Wasteland 0 Project Wasteland 0 Oct. 31, 2010
Damn furries.
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Oct. 27, 2010
braindead999, you have fetal alcohol syndrome. There IS a button to end the combo.
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Aug. 03, 2010
It's impossible to arrange troops. The thing just doesn't work...
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 Jul. 13, 2010
Play The Breach The Breach Jun. 09, 2010
Heck yeah Metroid!