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Play Endless War 6 Endless War 6 Sep. 25, 2012
I might be the only one but.....I liked Endless War 1-4 more being always a tank is not so interesting I would prefer Endless war being a soldier but be able to drive or even fly helectopers. Main point is I don't really like EW 5-6 just cuz of *be Tank* thing :/ 3/5
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Jun. 02, 2012
if they ever make sonny 3 there should be a feature that u can control your party membars
Play atWar atWar Apr. 04, 2012
WHAT HAPPENED? is this update or something cuz now i need to have premium to crate whole world games and use advance settings I don't like this update
Play Badge Master Badge Master Apr. 03, 2012
Make badge like this: (Waste of life) get all badges on kongregate(100000000 points)
Play atWar atWar Mar. 17, 2012
Sweet pretty good job man it even has lithuania my little country where i live :p