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Play Woodclicker Woodclicker Apr. 16, 2015
Also: already queued transmutations do not speed up when transmutation speed is upgraded. Not sure if that's deliberate or not.
Play Woodclicker Woodclicker Apr. 16, 2015
How about a way to cancel transmutation if you find out you're transmuting the wrong stuff (and have 10+ of them going....)
Play Woodclicker Woodclicker Apr. 14, 2015
Another transmute option: Transmute all metal to the next level up at the 20:1 ratio. Get rid of that 40k copper all at once.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Apr. 12, 2015
Wait? I have the Impossible Badge? For almost 2 years?! How did this happen? o.O
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 12, 2014
Am I the only one that thought the Generator should have been at 1.21 GW?
Play Hook Hook Oct. 20, 2014
I was enjoying it. And then it started with timing puzzles. Cue ragequit.
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 24, 2014
Ok...warrior level 14, with the angel kicking and the succubus doing hip thrusts....just looks wrong. Especially because that doesn't look like a leg coming up....
Play Notorious Inc Notorious Inc Jun. 23, 2014
This is not loading under fully updated Windows 7, Google Chrome, and the latest Flash Player (14.something)
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 22, 2014
It would be nice if we could have mines produce money instead of materials. Perhaps a toggle.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 26, 2014
I am reminded of Homeworld and mining the asteroids and nebulae.
Play Diggy Diggy Feb. 01, 2014
Did anyone else notice that the minion is 50 meters tall?
Play Bitzy Blitz Bitzy Blitz Jan. 23, 2014
Advice: choose only two weapons to upgrade. Bazooka for area/explosive damage, and either assault rifle or sniper rifle for aimed damage. Shift just between those weapons using the shift key. Don't upgrade the third weapon until the first two are fully upgraded. I like the following talents: More Rubies > Regen > Hearts > Medpack/Faster Horse. After all upgrades, reset talents and ditch More Rubies. I am not sure if regen tops out at a maximum rate, though.
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Dec. 03, 2013
Also needs an argument ad baculum statement (You'd better agree with me, or I'll hit you with a big stick!) to go along with the argument ad hominem one (face looks like the backside of a babboon).
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Dec. 03, 2013
Master Debater. I am torn between "Really?" and "Of course, it's the only possible name for the badge." Love the game. Really love the music.
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Sep. 11, 2013
I am glad that they gave badges, since it gives me a valid excuse to play it again. Not just my own pleasure and enjoyment, but BADGES! So my Utility is greater, and it is a Moral Imperative that I pursue it. And Kong has lived up to their part of the Social Contract by giving badges. Thanks for the game, for the badges, and for getting to hear good music and NONSENSE!!! shouted repeatedly.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Aug. 14, 2013
Over five years after earning the first three badges, I FINALLY ASSASSINATED PRESIDENT MADAGASCAR!
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 17, 2013
Magazine upgrade would be more useful if it always took the same amount of time to reload than reloading the same number of shots/second.
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Jul. 12, 2013
We definitely should have badges here. Maybe one that reads 'Smells like....PEACE!'?
Play Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 May. 27, 2013
You don't have to get every level to get the badge, just level 40.
Play Obliterate Everything 2 Obliterate Everything 2 Feb. 28, 2013
Either space or p for pause (or both)! And, please, start us out paused!