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Play Upgradable Shooter Upgradable Shooter May. 28, 2013
simple and great concept. too difficult for e to finish unfortunately. and background without those blinking rays is just so much more pleasant to play on ))) well done Tuo
Developer response from 0_Tuo_0

Yeah, I'm not really capable of making an "easy" game. Perhaps it's cause I grew up with and enjoy challenging games myself... just be glad I made it a LOT easier than what it started off as ;). As for the background, you can hold shift and click on the left button in the shop to change the background (won't be using dual-purpose buttons again).

Play Moonlight Moonlight Aug. 12, 2012
Game might seem too simple at first, but try to unlock some trophies first ;) you can always see unlocked trophies in the main menu.
Play Collect Flowers Collect Flowers Aug. 12, 2012
nice game, always wanted to create match 3 myself =)
Play Moonlight Moonlight Aug. 11, 2012
Ok, trophies should automatically save now =) please report if encounter any bugs. And have a nice play!
Play Moonlight Moonlight Aug. 11, 2012
Seems player's data is not saved at the moment, so if you reload page, you will loose all trophies. I will try to fix that.
Play Mermaid Dance Dressup Mermaid Dance Dressup Aug. 11, 2012
Unfortunately she is not dancing =)