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Play Lucadian Chronicles Lucadian Chronicles Mar. 20, 2015
The art is really nice, but some of the menus and buttons feel inefficient or unintuitive. It seems like the battles just play on autopilot, and the game is trying to teach me energy and flanking before teaching me how health, attack, and the rounds work.
Play Drop. Drop. Jun. 14, 2011
rage quit on D#2 after successfuly alternating between the two pipes and not winning even though both pipes look full to me.
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers May. 05, 2011
Nice graphics, music, menus, upgrades etc. Only thing is sort of simple gameplay
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest May. 04, 2011
I think getting stuck in walls is a result of lag due to level size, especially in that one cloudy room
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest May. 04, 2011
Stuck in bottom of a wall by jumping up into it and cannot fall or move.
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow May. 04, 2011
Also, E dashes toward mouse, I'd rather E dash to right Q dash to left
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow May. 04, 2011
Game is great. enemy knockback and offscreen enemies shooting at me are annoying
Play Money Thief Money Thief Aug. 22, 2010
Pretty neat. Down+X is a bit slow (for me to remember) and is the reason for me being caught several times. (It took me three tries to get 250 gold on the first level due to being caught often)
Play e7 e7 Aug. 15, 2010
Very unique, I liked it. Though I do find it a bit difficult to tell where I'm going to end up after a jump.
Play Casus Casus Aug. 14, 2010
Ok, I came back. This game has a lot of potential, but there are a lot of little things that are not player friendly. When flipping, there is a slow delay/duration and then you are unable to move yet you are able to die. Spikes on the side of a ledge hurt you when you walk of the ledge. There is a point when you are below the energy bar upright and coins indicate you should jump, but doing so causes you to hit the beam. After punching there is a bit of time of unable to move, and you often die from another enemy right after. Checkpoints are really far apart. There's a 1 wide platform you have to punch to land on, and it is very easy to overshoot.
Play Casus Casus Aug. 13, 2010
Death is too punishing, I'm rage quitting, sorry. Teleports seem to be a hazard ,they force me to miss coins. It's too easy to make a small slip up and die, then have to go way back.
Play Casus Casus Aug. 13, 2010
I am upset that I cannot airflipsides and that I missed a checkpoint and accidentally touched the oneway teleporter right next to it and now respawn way earlier and have to recollect the coins that I previously collected. Coins should stay collected. Coins above you should also be collected when you flip sides, since flipping twice is necessary to get them. Annoying.
Play Ray Quest Ray Quest Aug. 11, 2010
I liked it, even if it is a bit easy. It's very calm feeling, and it has nice music. It would've been nice to be able t interact with the tall objects in the background. Needing the mouse for the Next Level button is annoying when everything else is done with arrows and spacebar. More of the shoot in 4 directions enemies would've probably helped the difficulty. I also dislike the limiting of my upgrades; you're basically ensuring that everybody has roughly the same ship. After a few speed upgrades additional attack is all you need, so variety in attack upgrades (like choices) would've been nice. Spread shot vs rapid fire vs missiles, you know?
Play Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Jul. 25, 2010
Level 9 is annoying; very difficult to get in the bottomleft or under the wheel
Play TOUCH THE CORE!!! TOUCH THE CORE!!! Jul. 22, 2010
Too punishing
Play Block-Dude Block-Dude Jul. 22, 2010
An interesting idea, with reasonably well made levels. Arrow control would've been easier than mouse control though.
Play Hardball Frenzy 2 Hardball Frenzy 2 Jul. 22, 2010
Though I still keep playing. It's very polished. The time to retry a level could be decreased a bit though.
Play Hardball Frenzy 2 Hardball Frenzy 2 Jul. 22, 2010
Not very hard, none of them are thinking puzzles so much as not messing up the aim puzzles.
Play Polygon Apocalypse Polygon Apocalypse Jul. 21, 2010
Well made, even if it is a simple concept. I liked the simple graphical style and interface, with the exception of the weapon name in the bottom that is unnecessary and the fact that the story text was cheesy/poorly done/inconsistent. If it seemed to have a purpose, it would've felt like a character, like GLaDoS. Also, gameplay doesn't change much over time, so it gets kind of boring. The boss fight and stuff was a nice change, though I think he had a bit much HP and could've done with soem more attack variety.
Play Black Navy War 2 Black Navy War 2 Jul. 21, 2010
Not too original, but the air/ground/sea part is nice.