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Account reclaimed: Simply because I can and changed my mind for various reasons.

Note 1: I picked the name when I was 13 because the root definition of the Latin Ambrose is “undying/immortal” and Merle means Blackbird. I have a fond appreciation for technology, by far not the least of which is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. The Blackbird, at the time, was still doing runs and just as amazing as when it was first made.

Note 2: I am NOT a Wizard 101 fan. Merle Ambrose does NOT equal Ambrose Merle. I did NOT steal the name, I had to Google “Merle Ambrose” at the time I was first accused of stealing it in quotations in order to rule out “Ambrose Merle” in the Google search. I’ve used my name longer, a simple search done by anyone (apparently excluding morons) can prove that. Do your research before you claim someone did something. You can’t look at someone named “Finn” and claim they stole it from the book “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. For all you know, my birth name really IS Ambrose Merle.

Note 3: I am not a girl, and the Latin (that’s Roman for those of you who missed that back in grade school.) name Ambrose is not a girl’s name. That’s not to say you can’t name a girl Ambrose, especially if you’re using the French variations, but I’ve also seen girls named Bob, Don, and even… Earl… Guh… Who the hell names their girl EARL of all things. Jeanette, Sophia; Alex or Michael even… BUT EARL!? Why not just name her Boy or Dude!? Bottom line, I very distinctly lack ovaries.

Note 4: If you mock my name, I will automatically assume you are a troll. Failure to read this does not make you exempt – just slow or potentially stupid. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

On a less serious note:

JRCameron: That’s alright. You don’t have to be that into me. I brought all the lube necessary to overcome that obstacle.

AmbroseMerle: ಠ▃ಠ…

JRCameron: AM, would you like to see my Large Hardon Collider?

itlives: damn you and you life typos
AmbroseMerle: hypographical areas.
Holly764: hipogryff
Holly764: where are their areas?
Holly764: I wish to tame one.
AmbroseMerle: you can tame in one over there, please use a jar.
Holly764: Just like Link!
AmbroseMerle: Da-da-da-daaaaaaaa~
AmbroseMerle: You’ve got spunk, kiddo!
itlives: wait, what just happened here
AmbroseMerle: How much would you like to deposit at the bank?
AmbroseMerle: (this joke was specifically modified to be undetectable by children)
itlives: >>
itlives: <<

AmbroseMerle: Run, Slade, run!
AmbroseMerle: Run before dust sets his sights on you D<
Slade421: I don’t feel like running right now.
Slade421: I just spent 2 hours cutting potatoes, sausages, bell peppers, onions, and jalapenos.
dustnapyle: then i shall dance nakedly upon you
Slade421: … Running is starting to sound like a good idea.
AmbroseMerle: I warned you e_e

KingKyd: Xiad is Xiad. A Xiad. No explaining his username either.
AmbroseMerle: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=xiad
KingKyd: facepalm of the century
KingKyd: Now I wish there WASN’T an explanation for that name.
MisterKhane: facedesk
AmbroseMerle: Sorry, I forgot… “Challenge Accepted”

tlives: OK
itlives: dafuq should I do now
itlives: I got… stuff
AmbroseMerle: go to the bathroom and finish?
itlives: good idea
itlives: noted

AmbroseMerle: Maybe if I mention tits enough times he’ll show up…
lockman: oh hey
AmbroseMerle: that worked!
A2B2C1: only once
A2B2C1: nice

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