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Play Ghost Bastards AR Ghost Bastards AR Jul. 31, 2014
Well. That was a disappointment. Considering how solid doodle Devil and Amazing Fix were, I was certainly not expecting a game that was unable to load. Please fix asap, even if the game was not popular. To make a bad game is preferable to a game which cannot work.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Jul. 30, 2014
dracano- yes, her egg collecting skill will get better when you put enough points into it. There's the wife page in the idle mine wiki. explains at what level skillz happen.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jul. 28, 2014
Another milestone reached! 5000% manual click power! stay strong and keep motivated, fellow miners. We can dig through this hellstone!
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria Jul. 27, 2014
1r54321- I think some of the taco mia partons got papas diarrhea.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Jul. 24, 2014
Oh yeah! you can check out the bonus on the skills page. buffed skills are in red.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Jul. 24, 2014
diabolin- lunch gives bonuses to all stats bar selling. You can eat several lunches to stack more to the timer, but each time you stuff more food in your gob the amount added goes down by 10 seconds until It gets to the point where you're only getting 30 seconds of bonuses per lunch.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jul. 23, 2014
Speaking of milestones, 100b base power reached! This is an awesome week! I might have actually gone insane because Right now it feels like I'm going to reach the end super soon (I'm only at hellstone 92. XD) Stay sane, fellow miners! keep pumped! reach milestones! find hell! woooo!
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jul. 23, 2014
PriscillaM8, I mention my 50% idle mine power as a milestone, not a brag. I've been setting milestone to keep me mentally strong in my deep dark cave as I mine my way to hell. It's good to keep my hopes up. If I didn't I might cry or go insane. Or both.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jul. 21, 2014
finally made it to 50% idle power. one step closer to my eventual goal of actually getting to the end. I will do this. stay strong, fellow miners.
Play PongBox PongBox Jul. 15, 2014
scratch that. If I dont' adjust speed it can get to 1000. I cancel my demands for balls on my doorstep.
Play PongBox PongBox Jul. 15, 2014
I demand thousands of balls on my doorstep by tomorrow.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Jul. 13, 2014
*screams with joy!* An update! An update! Thank you Junjo!
Play PongBox PongBox Jul. 10, 2014
descriptions says thousands. game glitches out after like 20.
Developer response from nazywam

"thousands" Didn't think that game still works, lol

Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 10, 2014
I may have gotten a little too excited about the rainbow level.
Play Alex the Adventurer Alex the Adventurer Jul. 08, 2014
Ok, This game.. I know it's old but I'ma just leave all my complaints here right now because DAYMN. 1- Click here to open parachute 3,2,1 is too like "at end of count down open chute you must time it right" rather than the intended "click here to not die" 2- you have to start from the plane every damned time. big pain int he butt, 'specially when 3- the map is not useful at all. You show us something with t intersections, but put both ahead of us and we have no way to see which way the game thinks were facing... it's horrid.
Play Alex the Adventurer Alex the Adventurer Jul. 08, 2014
it didn't work. :(
Play Alex the Adventurer Alex the Adventurer Jul. 08, 2014
I've been adventuring for months now. I have died many times, I remember the pain of it all, but then I wake on the plane. my adventure has yet to start. One might say it is just a dream, but when I jump down again everything is just as I remember it being. I'm getting a little further each time, sustained by the hope that one day I will reach the end of this and finally be able to die. This time, just to see, I'm going to jump out of the plane without a chute. Please let me die.
Play AN EYE 4 DETAIL AN EYE 4 DETAIL Jul. 08, 2014
so... do I win house?
Play SpeedWords SpeedWords Jul. 03, 2014
Play Halloween Circle Halloween Circle Jul. 03, 2014
Nice added challenge to the memory game. took me a while to figure out that the gems were powerups. XD