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Play Disaster Will Strike 3 Disaster Will Strike 3 May. 26, 2015
Quite a step up from the second, especially since each level has three solutions. Although, it would be nice to choose the disaster set from the start instead of going into the level, then choosing it. Other than that, great work.
Play Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 May. 26, 2015
Well, there's not much added from the first one, but I can tell that you guys put more thought into level design, so good work.
Play Disaster Will Strike Disaster Will Strike May. 26, 2015
Pretty neat physics. There's not much for me to say that I've already said in other physics games, but I do like the bees.
Play Gecko Skateboarding Gecko Skateboarding May. 25, 2015
Well, it functions as a game... technically. Man, that music is getting on my nerves.
Play Defend your Honor! Defend your Honor! May. 20, 2015
For a while, I thought the game was too easy... then I got to the last world. Talk about a jump in difficulty. Unit placement is more important than ever in this game with such limited space for 25 people. Pretty enjoyable game overall.
Play Moto x3m Moto x3m May. 20, 2015
Pretty great game. I love how creative some of the ramps and obstacles are. It's a little glitchy though as I sometimes get two levels loaded at once or a ghost rider a few feet behind me.
Play I Remain I Remain May. 13, 2015
Pretty good game, but it was annoying how some items wouldn't work even though it's perfectly reasonable, like tying the rope to the magnet to get the key.
Play Insectonator: Zombie mode Insectonator: Zombie mode May. 11, 2015
And so the zombie infection at Giantland failed to take effect thanks to their natural enemy: the boot. Pretty fun stuff and very creative arsenal.
Play Epic Boss Fighter 2 Epic Boss Fighter 2 May. 10, 2015
Really awesome and hard as hell. Seriously, I almost wanted to give up... almost. Thank God for Healing Level 5.
Play Glissaria Glissaria May. 08, 2015
For a Ludum Dare game, it's pretty solid. It's pretty clear you really made those 48 hours count. Although I think it might be a little unbalanced as putting a few sweep towers seem to get me the upper hand quickly.
Play The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red May. 07, 2015
Pretty cool set of mini puzzles here. My only gripe is that there were a couple of puzzles that could've used that handy reset button found in some other puzzles, but I found a way around that.
Play Monty's Moon Monty's Moon May. 03, 2015
Pretty decent launcher. That's pretty much all I can say. However, trying to get a flawless trip is certainly impossible if you're going too fast, but if you don't go fast, you won't make it to the moon without a lot of lucky fuel or star pickups.
Play When The Bomb Goes Off When The Bomb Goes Off Apr. 28, 2015
Not bad, not bad at all. It's like a shorter WarioWare. I like how you randomized the microgames to keep things a little challenging.
Play Words are Hard Words are Hard Apr. 26, 2015
Well, looks like the game has finally lost it's popularity and I sadly don't blame Kong users. It's a great idea in theory but when there's too many people, the game is nearly impossible to finish patterns and when there's too little people, it's a total bore. Not to mention the level set, which is all hopeful luck that a player at that level will show up, much less talk. Make the levels in sets of three (1-3, 4-6, etc) or replace it entirely and maybe it'll be easier to 100% it.
Play Teleporter Teleporter Apr. 23, 2015
This is an infuriating concept. You need to use your mouse to move the ball, but it's also used as the spot to teleport. I end up running into the deadly black areas or teleporting to the areas because I can't position myself properly. The ball moves way too slow as well.
Play Don't Kill the Cow Don't Kill the Cow Apr. 23, 2015
Well this was just silly. Either I have a dead cow or a dead wife. But honestly, why get married to a corn farmer if you're allergic to corn!?
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Apr. 22, 2015
It's a pretty good game. I did like the sudden twist in the story and how the entire game takes place in one DOS interface. Using the internet to solve puzzles reminds me of old educational games that tried to have me use the internet to find solutions.
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval Apr. 22, 2015
It's certainly a fresher take on the zombie apocalypse than most other games. Although it's a lot harder to level up items and get cash in this game once you clear out most of the horde and find every chest, it is definitely fun. Also, orc werewolves.
Play Fredrico the Joyous Blob! Fredrico the Joyous Blob! Apr. 16, 2015
Well that was... a thing, I guess. Way shorter than I thought it would be.
Play Shape Fold Animals Shape Fold Animals Apr. 16, 2015
@shadowol That has to be the rudest thing I ever heard.