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Play Treasure Sweeper Treasure Sweeper Oct. 21, 2014
Wait, three levels? That's it? Wow... I just beat the game in five minutes. I was really hoping there was a lot more to it, especially since it let me make a profile. Seriously, this game needs a lot more content! 3/5
Play Just Type This Just Type This Oct. 21, 2014
This game made me hate my keyboard and my fingers. Kudos on a pretty original concept, but I can't help but feel that the key recognition is a little off. It seems that you can't type too fast or it won't register it in time. 4/5
Play Indestruct2Tank Indestruct2Tank Oct. 20, 2014
Wow, give a little suggestion, get downvoted. Of course.
Play Indestruct2Tank Indestruct2Tank Oct. 20, 2014
I'm not gonna give this a rating just yet. I just want to say if you want people to know to beat Enhanced Mode in Medium, you should make it clearer by putting it in the checkbox description too.
Play Notebook Wars Notebook Wars Oct. 18, 2014
I like the middle-school doodle style you got going on there. I only wish it felt less like a grind in later stages because there were so many enemies I couldn't shoot down until I replayed the levels over and over until my bullets were strong enough. 4/5
Play Vinyl Memories 2 Vinyl Memories 2 Oct. 17, 2014
Also holy toledo are these comments mean. Yes, we all know it's similar to Music Catch and yes, we all know there's only five songs. But honestly, those seem like weak complaints. Music Catch only had one song but nobody complained about it then. And the game still tries to play differently from Music Catch with added visuals, a combo system, and different genres instead of only instrumental music. I am not saying Music Catch is bad at all, just that those two complaints are rather nitpicky.
Play Vinyl Memories 2 Vinyl Memories 2 Oct. 17, 2014
Nice improvement over the first. I like the combo feature, but I feel like it should slowly build up over time rather than hope for power-ups to refill it. Moreover, the store doesn't seem to be necessary since I bought everything after some playthroughs. You got a great range of songs here though, so hats off to you for expanding on the original concept. 4/5
Play The Very Organized Thief The Very Organized Thief Oct. 16, 2014
This. Needs. Badges. It's a really awesome game. 5/5
Play Dibbles: For The Greater Good Dibbles: For The Greater Good Oct. 13, 2014
It's an alright Lemmings Clone but this game could really use some hotkeys for the speed up option and the stone commands. Also, pressing space to start and making everything else mouse only is kind of annoying since that means a lot of switching back and forth. 3/5
Play The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories Oct. 12, 2014
@alexbetrayer That's how badges are made: they use the high score system. So if "game completed" goes up to 1, then the badge registers.
Play simian.interface simian.interface Oct. 07, 2014
I feel like a poor monkey is being subjected to square-like hallucinations thanks to drugs put in his bananas... fun mouse game anyway. 4/5
Play This is not a minimalist game This is not a minimalist game Oct. 07, 2014
Brilliant and clever! I'm not sure what else I could say! 5/5
Play Gravitee Wars Online Gravitee Wars Online Oct. 06, 2014
This is basically Worms with planet physics... and yet it's one of the funnest games I played in a long while. Great work, pear of funkiness. 5/5
Play Epic Coaster Epic Coaster Oct. 05, 2014
To the people complaining about how you can't tell how far you've gone: do you seriously not see the blimps in the background telling you how far you've traveled every 1,000 meters?
Play Epic Coaster Epic Coaster Oct. 04, 2014
@AezurX Well, that's just like, your opinion, man. Nobody's forcing you to get the BotDs anyway.
Play Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 Oct. 02, 2014
Still an awesome game to an awesome series. It really does get you pumped when you're going so fast or making sick car-jumping combos. I'm a little bummed that free ride from the second game is gone but the story was hilarious. 5/5
Play SHIFT SHIFT Oct. 01, 2014
Oh man, I remember this when I first came to Kong in 2008. The Shifting thing blew my mind but now, it's just a cool reminder of how a simple concept can make a great puzzle game. Shift 2 is still the definitive one to play of course. 4/5
Play Demons Down Under Demons Down Under Sep. 30, 2014
It feels like The Binding of Issac lite to me. It's a very well-crafted game, but there isn't any drive to play it again once you beat the final boss. Moreover, during the heat of the moment, if you click out of the window, your character gets locked in the direction you're moving, making it frustrating when you're in a tight spot. 4/5
Play Headless Zombie Headless Zombie Sep. 29, 2014
You got a really interesting mechanic here, but in the end, I managed to beat this in 10 minutes. It's still too easy, which is a shame because I think this idea could be taken further with new difficulties. Here's to a possible sequel. 4/5
Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Sep. 25, 2014
Awesome game, but I have to say that my character clings to the walls way too often. It messes me up when descending properly. Also, there are a couple of weird glitches. Once I finished 3-3, but the red ruby wasn't there and I had to start over. Moreover, when I got to the final boss, I found out spamming Giraffe Tongue made me ascend indefinitely. It was fun to beat, but I think it needs a little more polish. 4/5