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Chase Goose

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Mar. 04, 2013

Rating: 3

What is 9-9+9 (fall down) OOOOH!

Hopeless (Platformer)

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Jan. 31, 2013

Rating: 3

First its lagging, so i need to exit from all programs, then, when there is no lags, im going about 9001 km/h, lvl 3 is impossible now.

Developer response from iceblueirish

We noticed this in testing, but we figured this was because we had development software open. We promise to have more play testers next time before release to optimize your experience among those with different conditions upon playing our content. Thank you for your time, and feedback! :)

Memoir Text Adventure

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Jan. 07, 2013

Rating: 3

I agree with honeyslayer, more items in shop! And imho, soundtrack is pretty cool.


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Jan. 07, 2013

Rating: 0

Now we know where lacoste comes from.

Developer response from sionco

haha, I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion, but it's true, haha!

FireBall (Flash)

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Jan. 07, 2013

Rating: 3

Controls suck

Worlds Hardest Volleyball Championship

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Dec. 16, 2012

Rating: 0

I can tell you why this is "Worlds Hardest Volleyball Championship". Because controls suck.

Developer response from indiasbull

controls working properly here for me.

Just Trolling

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Nov. 18, 2012

Rating: 3

HA! That cube show another text, it does something!

Truck Loader 4

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Oct. 06, 2012

Rating: 0

Good game but wtf? Why this is lagging for me, im playing 3d games, this is 2d game... GJ. :)

Just Killing

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Jul. 27, 2012

Rating: -2

3.21->> rate 5>3.23 Yea

Idle Alpha v0.0.1

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Jul. 22, 2012

Rating: -3

I dont think there is something like "win" in idle, it is? Maybe, but not quickly like that, u must spend some hour!

Can You Kill The Pokemon Trainer

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Jul. 21, 2012

Rating: -3

Yes you can, to be continued, hahahahaha, laugh so hard. xD

Just Trolling

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Jul. 01, 2012

Rating: -5

Adobe flash get destroyed when im playing this game, wtf? :D


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Jun. 30, 2012

Rating: -8

Sex joke. :D

Penalty Shootout Junkies

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Jun. 27, 2012

Rating: 1

Finish him

Crazy Climber

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Jun. 27, 2012

Rating: 1

590 feet, yeah. :D

Jelly Escape

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Jun. 16, 2012

Rating: 3

72 Levels Beaten without Dying... What? It's going to be impossible, this game have so much lag...

Feed Us 3

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May. 14, 2012

Rating: -8

Haha... Really? Piranha ONLY, ONLY attack in group... 1 piranha attacking people? No way...

Just Trolling

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Apr. 22, 2012

Rating: 15

Global Warming is not a lie! :<

Developer response from Moshdef

Global Warming is so 2000-late. "Global Weirding" is the new term that they like to use, since the planet isn't heating up it's actually just going crazy. Earth 2.0: Ultimate Extreme Mode. Challenge accepted.

i saw her standing there

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Apr. 19, 2012

Rating: 3

Maybe i'm sick? Everytime when she saw me, she transform to zombie! :<

Bread Duck

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Apr. 15, 2012

Rating: 1

Wow! Good game! 5/5 and favorite! :333