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Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Sep. 08, 2014
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Dec. 05, 2013
@Drewser33, try the "Manual Timeout" button.
Play IntoSpace! IntoSpace! Dec. 01, 2013
Is no one else concerned about the 1000ft tall building they're using as launch control? We'd be able to build better rockets if they weren't using skyscrapers to control them!
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Oct. 27, 2013
The trick to the hard badge is to get increased health and unlimited jumps, and jump out of the screen. You'll need some luck, because the third boss will slam into you constantly, but it can be done that way!
Play Accelerator Accelerator Apr. 09, 2013
We're gonna have to go right to...LUDICROUS SPEED!
Developer response from TenebrousP


Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 19, 2013
Ah, jmtb02, I love and hate your games so much. Another sick entry, dude. Controls got a bit sluggish after a death, though. (I know, don't die...but still)
Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Mar. 04, 2013
"Don't worry...this game is fun and addictive." "Oh good." "It's by VladUA." "Obviously this is some new definition of the words "fun" and "addictive" that I was previously unaware of."
Play FPS-MAN FPS-MAN Mar. 01, 2013
Wow, even with 70s-style ghosts, that's freaky. Do "Dig Dug" next!
Play Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Jan. 19, 2013
The only real problem with this game is the lack of empirically solvable puzzles. At some point, you just have to guess and go with it.
Play Bloons Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense Jan. 05, 2013
Firestorm's method can be used with most upgrades. Try extending the range on a Super Monkey!
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Jul. 22, 2012
Save your tickets early for Customer Cravings. Write down favorite orders using Customer tab in the Menu (only available in-game), then do Cravings all at once before there are 50 to deal with.
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Jul. 22, 2012
Play Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Pancakeria Mar. 18, 2012
And in other news, local gastric legend Big Pauly was found dead this morning after apparent heart failure. He was 31. This is a big blow to the area's restaurants; local entrepreneur Papa Louie was quoted as saying, "My business--it's-a ruined!" before making an attempt on his own life. More at ten.
Play Notebook Wars 2 Notebook Wars 2 Dec. 17, 2011
The 15000 ship owns! 1 life entering the final boss battle, and it was able to squeeze through the enemy shots FTW.
Play Utopia Kingdoms Utopia Kingdoms Nov. 10, 2011
Wow, one of the best games ever...Final Fantasy VII, that is. That's what I'm playing during the TWO HOURS it takes to get anywhere in this thing. I mean, seriously!?
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Sep. 29, 2011
I don't know how to tell you this, son, but you're not a superhero made of meat; you've got hemophilia. And a box of band-aids isn't going to fix that.
Play Badge Master Badge Master Sep. 18, 2011
Awesome...a great thing gets even better!
Play Dodge Dodge Sep. 06, 2011
Ah, Dodge, the game that makes team-killing fun!
Play Moonlight Differences Moonlight Differences Aug. 25, 2011
For those who still remember how to view Magic Eye images, the same technique works here. Simply look for fuzzy areas; these will be where one eye is seeing something that the other isn't. Just remember that the cursor looks different on each screen. As for the top/bottom image, pray your monitor has 90-degree rotation!
Play Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter Aug. 19, 2011
A tip for the awesome level 11: if you have a straight shot at a ball, shoot it directly in the middle so it will bounce back at you and miss "turning on" the others.