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Play Icarus Needs Icarus Needs Jul. 14, 2013
Aw, that was a fresh game. I really enjoyed it.
Play The Archerland The Archerland Jun. 17, 2012
The game was entertaining, but far too easy.
Play Antimatiere Antimatiere Nov. 11, 2011
'Enjoy messing with 2d stuff in a 3d world' Why can't I just carry pieces of paper around my house?
Play Crush The Castle 2 Crush The Castle 2 Mar. 25, 2011
Play Music Catch Music Catch May. 18, 2010
Lovely song, what is it?
Play ImmorTall ImmorTall May. 18, 2010
This... is an intresting game. It's an expression. An alien arrives, a stranger to the world, & is loved instantly by the girl. The alien is then loved by her family, & it grows, until they become war torn, & it protects them... Until it's eventually killed... They mourn it... but not long after, it's forgotten. It's a beuatiful game, but... tragic, at the same time. To anyone who finds this a boring game, imagine the humans you're protecting to be your own family... I did that, it made me feel awful about war. 5/5
Play Splitter 2 Splitter 2 Mar. 29, 2010
very good game 6/5 but if u think this game does needs badges sign here: Tomricardo, AgentPerson, Opt1onal, noob gavon2, betturthenthou, tygrys1, huj123, alphaman253, Steelops, jellybeen60, rigariga sonnyfan66, xidas, jonb123, avenx333,bjt98 ,hama001,waffleboy97,peanut94,Zeldaboy97,cckid99,turlas, sneakyweasel1337, Xenone, GuardboyDK , xXdemonmattXx , Superlu117, niguy123, ...:::missingo3886:::...,IrishGirl447..... speedster9889..., CommonSpree421, ilongxshot, Pendragon4, buzzkid,N0th1ng,jo_qui11,darklunarkirby, spottycow2k8, count ducu6, bryboy2461, Anoosha , JPNNY535,turlas element3699, Reayson, therazzledazzle, darthlordy,warbird12, GameGirl30 , Reaper415, FriedChckn13, hatm28136 The_Amazing_G, Mowcno444, Reaper7624, Mastuhchief,jerry_e17, fattue121, Jeangab13, alget, Meta_Knight, adynster,LorenzoI, InsaneMiiidget,gmodperson1337, GhostsNStuff,redrusty,kyuibi, runningfree26,Poorguypr,toaadam,akimboDEEZ, Raging_cob, Arcran