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Play Click Soccer Click Soccer Jun. 23, 2011
predi: There are points after you finish the game (number of clicks). And it's possible to end it, because I did it twice already while testing. There are 27 levels.
Play Drop Down Drop Down Jun. 19, 2011
Well, Robin. The game is speeding up (actually the platforms get like 5% faster at max, the spaces between the platforms are getting smaller and the holes too) until a point. But that point is very hard, yet possible to reach and continue from it till infinite. It wasn't a random point ofcourse. I wrote a in-code bot for it and it did just fine, even tweaked it, so it has some worse reaction. The whole point of the game is: Be as low as you can ALL THE TIME. After some time the smallest mistake can ruin the run. So it's easy to score a decent score, but very hard to make an amazining one.
Play Drop Down Drop Down Jun. 19, 2011
It's fats at the begining, so that players don't waste time and face the harder part directly.
Play Quadran Quadran Jun. 18, 2011
Well, weird. Reuploaded it. it should load like in a blink of an eye, it's only 10 kilos...