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Play Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Apr. 15, 2014
I find that using Mjolnir as the core (orbital strikes home onto enemies and are not random), Ferromag, Groundhog, and Raven allow you to basically become a huge bullet spammer with Ferromag allowing you to use orbital strikes extremely efficiently.
Developer response from nerdook

yup, totally valid strategy.. ferromag does cause your power bar to lengthen, requiring more chips to power it up, tho.

Play BasketDudes BasketDudes Apr. 11, 2014
Hold it! Wait a second, what is going on here? All of these comments are from level 1 accounts, created the SAME DAY the game is released.
Play SideQuest SideQuest Apr. 02, 2014
This is, hands down, the most hilarious MMO I have ever played. Adding a new mechanic to some of the levels keeps the game fresh, as well. A game that is worth your time and effort, without a doubt.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Mar. 29, 2014
Sometimes I wonder how other legislators would react to my uniform. I mean, I'm walking into Congress with a M1 Bazooka and a live squirrel while wearing loafers, sunglasses, and a robe ._.
Developer response from delosford

Seems pretty par for the course these days.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Mar. 29, 2014
I love how after 2 years, you still reply to all of our comments and keep us updated on everything. :D
Developer response from delosford

The only way to make the game better is to interact with the people playing it, so I think it behooves all of us to maintain communication. Thanks for the feedback and long-running support!

Play Chrono Tales Chrono Tales Mar. 28, 2014
The amount of fake accounts created by EverDreamStudio (the people who seem to have published this game) is simply staggering.
Play Magic Barrage - Bitferno Magic Barrage - Bitferno Mar. 21, 2014
Yet another cheap knockoff game made to cash in a quick buck. As usual, I expect Kong to inflate the ratings for no apparent reason. Also, the game suspiciously seems like it borrowed things from Realm of the Mad God...
Play Install_D Install_D Mar. 10, 2014
It's VERY stylistic and adds a nice new spin to the tower defense genre. I like it!
Play League of Angels League of Angels Mar. 04, 2014
Rate the game 1/5 and go on your way. Nothing good to see here.
Play Blood and Jade Blood and Jade Jan. 25, 2014
I still wonder how R2Games stays in business....
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero Jan. 19, 2014
After playing the game for a few hours, I can offer a few suggestions: 1) The idea for randomized loot in a game like this is cool, but combat is shallow and all but one enemy poses almost no challenge. 2) The map creator lacks complexity, so levels will eventually all be the same. 3) The ever-present lag. Otherwise, the game seems to have potential, and I hope it improves as time goes on.
Admin response from jmtb02

Cool, thanks for the feedback! We're working on combat and lag and other cool features, and your feedback is helpful!

Play City of Steam: Arkadia City of Steam: Arkadia Dec. 06, 2013
Honestly, as someone who played in the Alpha and Beta, there are quite a few changes I don't like. The removal of individual weapon characteristics, the fact that I can't start solo dungeons, the fact that LOOT isn't nearly as common in-game, and the fact that the chat shows EVERY BLOODY THING. Other than that, good game. :D
Developer response from Masden

Chat channels can be switched on and off with the tick boxes. I think we can add that to your saved preferred settings so you don't need to do it every logon. If you play longer, you'll discover the unique weapon properties do come back. However, the item name generation couldn't be translated into arabic, turkish, polish, russian, chinese, etc. So that was unfortunately removed. But thanks for playing!

Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2 SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Oct. 27, 2013
Game's been stolen. Flagging.
Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Oct. 21, 2013
Extremely fun game. Some tips in case you're stuck: Mages are good against the bottom row due to the later suiciding enemies. Warriors are good in the top row, and spearmen can beat middle rows by spamming their ability. Watch the gates! If one is closed, it means no enemies will spawn from it next round. Use that time to send your men over there to kill as much as possible! Mages are good in the final encounter, due to their fullscreen laser ability.
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Oct. 19, 2013
The game seems nice, although there appears to be a rather nasty bug that causes you to lose your purchases with Kreds (I bought the stormer pack, played a few rounds, went to switch my weapons, and couldn't revert to stormer gear)
Developer response from Odcaf

That's weird. Sending you a PM to fix this out.

Play Light Apprentice Light Apprentice Oct. 04, 2013
Great game! Although I do wish it were the full version, the writing seems good and the combat is satisfactory.
Developer response from iggynore

Thank you! We have just updated the game if you'd like to try that, too :)

Play Recon Arena Recon Arena Sep. 09, 2013
It has real potential. Only problem is that no one is online (at least when I was trying it out). Needs more players.
Play Viking Clan Viking Clan Jun. 18, 2013
It's games like this that make me think that Kong has taken control of the rating system. How the heck does another copy-and-paste (with the Viking theme) energy system, click to progress game obtain a 3.8 rating??
Developer response from kanoapps

Democracy in action, I suppose! :)

Play Heroes Of The Sword Heroes Of The Sword May. 05, 2013
Also, does anyone else thinks this game bears a resemblance to TDP4? The skill system, the stats needed for weapons, the "Double Kill" voice? :D
Play Heroes Of The Sword Heroes Of The Sword May. 05, 2013
While it may seem promising, the cruddy hit detection, overpowered cash shop items, and the fact that the first hitter almost always wins brings it down to a 3/5 for me. I'll check back later to see if the problems are resolved, as this really is a fun game, but the experience is destroyed by the reasons listed above.