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Play Woodclicker

Apr. 24, 2015

Rating: 10

I got invalid data file message

AdVenture Capitalist

Play AdVenture Capitalist

Feb. 01, 2015

Rating: 7

No offline income.....WTF

Red Remover BLAST

Play Red Remover BLAST

Dec. 21, 2014

Rating: 3

Was happy to see a new red remover. Then I got to coin mode and realized that this is not even slightly fun.

Solarmax 2

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Jun. 14, 2014

Rating: -3

I really hate the way the mechanics work. Unless you have the greater numbers your numbers dont mean anything. They just get erased and dont take away any of the enemies numbers. At least thats what seems to be the case. There needs to be a tutorial so that this kind of stuff can be understood

Ragdoll Achievement 2

Play Ragdoll Achievement 2

May. 19, 2014

Rating: 2

challenge 24 (round time more than 60 seconds) isnt completing even when I go over 60 seconds. It just stays orange and wont complete

Mountain Rescue Driver 2

Play Mountain Rescue Driver 2

Apr. 21, 2014

Rating: 0

Once the game is loaded all the buttons work EXCEPT the play button....


Play Protector

Apr. 21, 2014

Rating: 6

Such a boring tedious game. Why is the rating so high.

Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0

Play Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0

Apr. 15, 2014

Rating: 1

There needs to be a tutorial that explains everything. I played for about 5 minutes and now Im done with the game. Im just not having fun since I have no idea whats going on. With the first two headpieces I never even notcie the special abilities happening and I dont understand everything thats going on in-game.

Cover Orange: Journey. Pirates

Play Cover Orange: Journey. Pirates

Apr. 15, 2014

Rating: 0

I really hate having to click for one of the stars. Its pointless and annoying. drops it to 3/5 for me


Play MonsterCraft

Apr. 14, 2014

Rating: 2

There are a bunch of different team builds I want to try but its a bit tedious having to save up and build each one. Especially when there is not enough room in storage for me to save as many creatures as I want to. This game could be much better with a little work

Fishy Waters

Play Fishy Waters

Apr. 12, 2014

Rating: 0

I would like this a lot better if there was a map. As is I give 3/5

Valet Parking

Play Valet Parking

Apr. 11, 2014

Rating: -2

These may literally be the worst controls I have ever seen. Played for about 20 seconds than rated 1/5

Ultimate Monster Mayhem

Play Ultimate Monster Mayhem

Apr. 11, 2014

Rating: 2

Whats the point of a game where by the end of it its impossible not to die even with full upgrades and when you die you just respawn with everything full as many times as you want. 2/5


Play Ditto

Apr. 10, 2014

Rating: 3

As soon as I missed a gem and found out there is no way to go back without restarting the game I stopped playing. The perfectionist in me wont take that kind of thing. 3/5

RPG Shooter: Starwish

Play RPG Shooter: Starwish

Mar. 19, 2014

Rating: -7

Not getting badge of the day... Im gonna be pissed if this makes me not able to get the golden pet this week

Knight Age Nightmare

Play Knight Age Nightmare

Mar. 14, 2014

Rating: 0

Aiming the lance is so damn inconsistent. Beat the first guy but Im already sick of the game during the second enemy. 2/5

The Most Wanted Bandito 2

Play The Most Wanted Bandito 2

Mar. 12, 2014

Rating: 1

pretty decent game but the lag absolutely destroys any enjoyment

Exit Path

Play Exit Path

Mar. 12, 2014

Rating: 2

So no instructions and the flow mechanic is barely even explained. So fricken bad how is this game rated highly.

Portal: The Flash Version

Play Portal: The Flash Version

Mar. 07, 2014

Rating: 7

Ok I give up on beating this game. I dont understand the high rating. The only reason the game is hard is because the controls are so incredibly bad.

Portal: The Flash Version

Play Portal: The Flash Version

Mar. 07, 2014

Rating: 3

Ok why is the movement so terrible in this. Many times I will jump through a portal and come out of the other portal going in the opposite direction of where I should be headed. Such bad movement controls