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Play Pretentious Game 3 Pretentious Game 3 Sep. 30, 2013
Beautiful game, although jumping on the final screen makes the ending a tad odd.
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Sep. 20, 2013
The biggest thing I learned from this game is that if I ever get stuck in the Intelligible Realm, I am screwed. Regardless, awesome game.
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Sep. 11, 2013
Great game. I did, however, lose the sound effects multiple times.
Play Generic Car Game (test upload) Generic Car Game (test upload) Sep. 11, 2013
4:03 on my first go. Gameplay-wise I think it's good. I like the feel of the car and the design of the course; very TrackMania. I really think that you need to fix the ground/wall textures though. They overlap in places which causes them to freak out and start rapid changing which one is drawn on top, and I assume because the course is made up of large polygons put together your bricks are different sizes throughout the whole course. You can fix this by changing how often the texture is tiled in the unity editor :)
Play Avoid Red Avoid Red Sep. 08, 2013
Better, but there's still this dead zone where I feel like I'm holding the button for at least half a second and there's almost no movement. With a game like this you want a feeling of precision. It might be worth trying out a few other speed formulas, like maybe having an instant base speed that then accelerates as you hold the button down. That way you can still pick up speed for parts you want to fly past, but can also make small adjustments for sections like the part where the walls kill you.
Play Avoid Red Avoid Red Sep. 08, 2013
I feel like the acceleration on the player could be a little snappier. Great music.
Developer response from LaurisMyGames

I have changed it. What do you think about it now?

Play //PuzzleBox //PuzzleBox Sep. 07, 2013
What asshole designed this game?
Play One Step Back One Step Back Aug. 07, 2013
I beat the entire game just making tiny hops forward.
Play Bob the Robber 2 Bob the Robber 2 Jul. 24, 2013
Couldn't drag any items into my inventory. Thank god it glitched again and randomly gave me a camera.
Play Mystery IQ Test Mystery IQ Test May. 08, 2013
Fun game. Last conversation made me chuckle.
Play Magnetized Magnetized Apr. 28, 2013
Great game. I hate it, but great game.
Play Siege Knight Siege Knight Apr. 13, 2013
Great game, but a progress bar on waves would be nice.
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 29, 2013
When I heard about the duck or horses question on Knockin Boots I originally answered horses. Now I know for sure: horses.
Play Bearbarians Bearbarians Mar. 04, 2013
Step 1: Optimize for range. Step 2: Choose Brute. Step 3: Win game.
Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 07, 2013
Chamber 9, sorry.
Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 07, 2013
Broke the game at the end of the first "other" test chamber, destroyed the turret and made it impossible to complete.
Play K.O.L.M. 2 K.O.L.M. 2 Dec. 20, 2012
Yet another beautiful game. Kudos.
Play Dark Cut Dark Cut Nov. 07, 2012
Having to hit that meter perfectly really ruins the game.
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 15, 2012
To anybody having trouble with the last Cargo mission, using the Mark-1-L reduces our total weight by 5% which drastically helps. I did it on the first go using it along with other parts optimised for power, minus air resistence and minus fuel consumption. You do need to pick up a lot of fuel containers still, but the Mark-1-L for me was the difference between 60k feet and 300k feet. Hope this helps.
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Aug. 24, 2012
What moron put THIS game in the Yo Dawg quest....?