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Meat Boy (map pack)

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Dec. 19, 2008

Rating: 0

You know what really sucks?... not this game, it's pretty sweet 4/5.

Doom 1

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Nov. 30, 2008

Rating: 0

Great game, tons of fun and underrateted. The game is great and I have figured out around 2/3 of the secrets so far (you gotta love chainsaw on lvl 2 and military base on lvl 3) and have reached lvl 7 on ultra violent. For those of you that are wondering the point of the game is that it's not mouse fired and also the game does work on macs and the apple key opens doors instead of the control key. 5/5 and favorited, I'm gonna see if I can beat this on nightmare :)


Play DragonFly

Nov. 26, 2008

Rating: 0

The heat was a real problem as it recharged far too slowly. It either should have recharged faster or every time you beat a boss. Well made, and fun to play but graphically and in some aspects, could be better. 3/5

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

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Nov. 24, 2008

Rating: 0

Skipping battles will not decrease your "xp" as there is no xp in this game (as you lvl up once every lvl regardless), but you will be able to get better items if you do all the battles, especially the boss battles.


Play Mytheria

Nov. 13, 2008

Rating: 0

fun game, though more cards would be appreciated. In addition to more cards, it would be sweet if certain cards are removed (specifically power drain, or if it was reduced to 1 instead of two). I also ran into a glitch where enforced silence did not expire after a turn and instead lasted like an aura.

Snow Drift Racing

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Oct. 25, 2008

Rating: 0

good, though strange 4/5. The cars could go a little slower in general, it's difficult to control, that may be intended though.


Play MultiVoider

Oct. 25, 2008

Rating: 0

good, but it could use a little touching up. It is fun but it seems more like a minigame, one that could be part of another game perhaps. Still the different colors and bonuses are nice.


Play S.N.A.I.L

Oct. 01, 2008

Rating: 0

It doesn't make a lot of sense, and it's kinda generic but not bad...3/5. Also first comment.

City Gunner

Play City Gunner

Sep. 13, 2008

Rating: 0's not a bad game, but there is a pretty funny glitch where if you are shooting a machine gun and switch to the rpg like thing while still shooting it's a rpg machine gun with infinite ammo. 3/5