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A V I News
Daily News: SuperButtBuffalo is a butt.

Daily Riddles: What happens when you eat all the potatoes? PM me to find out.
Top Story: FatEddy smells so bad, I can smell him all the way from outer space.
Monkey news: Baboons punch and mug ShutUpPancake, taking all of her money and pancakes and shuts her up real good.
Cat News: Cat jumps on a person that’s allergic to cats. You can guess what happened.
Random Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3tG1X5ewAg
Friend News: I have no friends.
Enemy News: Everyone is my enemy.
Trust News: I trust no one.
World Domination News: So far, going pretty good. This game is teaching me everything I need to know. http://www.kongregate.com/games/theswain/mastermind-world-conquerer
King Monkey the IV News: Trying to dominate the world with his monkey army. He’ll have to get past me first.
Old News: Traveled to the alpacas outpost. Asked everyone about where’s SuperButtBuffalo. No one knows. Here, we have Bob the alpaca live on the scene. “We didn’t really know him. Nothing has really changed.” Concluding from this, Butt is a useless pile of poop and another mouth to feed.
Monkeys raid the cookie factory. Escaped victims could not save any cookies. “They just rushed in without any warning,” One of them said. “We barely got out of there alive with their AK-47s.” Experts say this must be the job of King Monkey the IV. Either that or zukka.
Eos smells like cow manure. Avoid him. Also he stalks people.

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