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Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 12, 2015
im stuck in "pabulum pit", no new "+" button appears =(
Play Road Of Fury 2 Road Of Fury 2 Dec. 30, 2014
jesus.. this sound is loud >.< but i like the game =)
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 03, 2014
is it possible that i have no stairs on my map? i searched every tile of the map but i couldnt find the stairs to the next map :/
Play Mystery IQ Test Mystery IQ Test May. 05, 2013
136 on casual =)
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Apr. 24, 2013
Im glad that i took the time to play this till the end!
Play Emily's Thrilling Adventure Emily's Thrilling Adventure Apr. 13, 2013
i like sweets =)
Play Desktop Racing 2 Desktop Racing 2 Mar. 21, 2013
i like the sound =)
Play The Fall of Mr. Wily The Fall of Mr. Wily Feb. 08, 2013
Thats what i needed on a friday @ work :D 5/5
Play G.I. JOE: Special Ops G.I. JOE: Special Ops Dec. 30, 2012
Fatal conntent error in each new game while doing my first damage... relaod -> cant klick anything and i cant rejoin the match
Developer response from artplant_games

Please send us a screen shot of this error to

Play Rojo the la Mordore Soldiere de Elite Revolutione Special Edition V.2 Rojo the la Mordore Soldiere de Elite Revolutione Special Edition V.2 Sep. 11, 2012
i loled xD
Play Monster Massacre Monster Massacre Sep. 11, 2012
so many bugs :( could be a nice game... enemys vanish/are invisible gold doesnt show up bombs are sometimes invisible
Play Evolutionator Evolutionator Aug. 28, 2012
i want moving on wasd and shooting on arrows =(
Developer response from HedonismGames

One of the first things I plan on doing in the full version is allowing the player to swap those, definitely! Thanks for pointing that out!

Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 17, 2012
"Helga Frauscharf" ^^ made my day
Play Help Me! Help Me! Jun. 09, 2012
where is the mute button O.O
Play Mardi Gras Mayhem Mardi Gras Mayhem Feb. 17, 2012
Play ClickPLAY! Rainbow ClickPLAY! Rainbow Aug. 29, 2011
amazing musik ^^
Play Battle Math Battle Math Aug. 25, 2011
no pause button?
Play Drop. Drop. Jun. 14, 2011
cool, i exactly hit the edge of a box and the drop slipped inside xD