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Play Warmerise | Red vs Blue - Lite Version Warmerise | Red vs Blue - Lite Version Jan. 27, 2013
This game started out as 3rd person, might include both viewmodes. It's pretty solid, it came out of almost nothing a couple months ago, and it's a playable game now. Updated almost every single week, sometimes more than twice a week. Props to the developers.
Play BeGone: Last Stand BeGone: Last Stand Sep. 24, 2012
Just to tease you guys here - One of the planned major updates, which are customizable guns(sights, scopes, flashlights, etc.), lets you equip a gun with loads of attachments, INCLUDING a thermal sight PLUS a scope! Also, ever dreamed of a sniper shotgun? Hell yeah, that's going to be available too.
Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Sep. 18, 2012
swords? Nope, not Skyrim.
Play Deadly Neighbors 2 Deadly Neighbors 2 Jul. 30, 2012
A thrower with a Nokia 3310... Seriously? Going against that is suicide.
Play Super SOPA Bros. Super SOPA Bros. Jan. 24, 2012
SOPA turned backwards? - A Piece of Shit.
Play Ultimate Santa Battle Ultimate Santa Battle Dec. 29, 2011
Nerdook. You sir, are so epic. So epic that you made Santas able to shoot snowballs which cause fire damage.
Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Dec. 29, 2011
@kdont345 , you are wrong. Nplay is made by two GUYS. Also, they do update this one. It's just that there's only 1 map here. There are also no new guns on Nplay. @bloodwolf247, the devs sure would like to post more maps on Kong, but there is a limit to how much data your game can have. If Nplay added one more map, there would be too much data. Just to clear any confusion, the Warehouse servers are the same as the ones on Nplay. So if you play on Nplay, you can still play with your friends on Kong, and vice versa.
Play CS Portable CS Portable Dec. 26, 2011
kolio, stop complaining. Ironsights are blocky, and are a minus to some. Besides, this is free, don't complain. Same goes to BeGone.
Play Atomic Strike Atomic Strike Dec. 21, 2011
It's nice to see that there's so many cities for each country. But why are there so few countries?
Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 27, 2011
FINALLY I GET SS... Then I wonder, how did I not get SSS? I only lost a fe- Wait, losing quests/city battles counts as losses too? And I totally forgot to buy upgrades >.< But I got a super elite team of 4 specials, Knight, Warrior, Archer and Mage! Levels 5,4,4 and 5 respectively.
Developer response from kurechii

Yes, avoid losing battle as it affect your rating by a lot. :)

Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 25, 2011
Finished the game with a score of only A 2000 :/ Well, this is a game that's short and simple, not too complex, and makes you want to play it until you win. One of the best games I've played in a while. Keep up the good work! :D Some suggestions- For Part 2, maybe you should be able to have more characters, at least 5? I'd LOVE to see (though I'm sure some people dislike it) 10 characters(5 normal and 5 special. I don't know, it's just awesome to see 10 different looking warriors fighting :P). And of course, make it LONGER! :D 5/5
Developer response from kurechii

Thanks :)

Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 25, 2011
Never mind, I was such an idiot I didn't notice I could switch characters XD Guess that's what happens when you rush through the tutorial.
Developer response from kurechii

Hahaha. At least you realize it now :D

Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 25, 2011
Are you able to 'sell' your characters?
Developer response from kurechii

Yes. at the place you manage your unit, you can click the X to dismiss them :)

Play Ed Snowball Adventures Ed Snowball Adventures Aug. 28, 2011
Play Bad Toys Bad Toys Aug. 22, 2011
Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Aug. 09, 2011
To all people asking for maps/guns, nplay can't post all maps as Kongregate has a limit for how much data can be in a game. For guns, check the forums ( for updates. Dmage and Proton are planning(not 100% sure though) to make a semi-auto rifle, like a M14
Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Aug. 06, 2011
If the game doesn't load, what I do for Mozilla is to delete all history. If it runs slowly, dont just turn quality to low, turn image effects off. If people want to play all maps, the link is
Play BeGone BeGone Jul. 19, 2011
GUYS! The devs don’t check this game for comments anymore. It’s dead. Play the full game which has 3 maps, 4th coming soon(Yep, you heard it right. Not a new map, like my above comment replying TehRater. THREE MAPS!). It also has 4 guns- MP5, M4, Sniper and Shotgun. With grenades! (yeah, dont type begone, type the game as BeGone, it's case sensitive) The forum where you can check out discussions and news about BeGone is
Play Dreamsong Catcher Dreamsong Catcher Jun. 09, 2011
Children dreaming about a Japanese assassin melting down a fallen angel in an old castle?
Play Dreamsong Catcher Dreamsong Catcher Jun. 09, 2011
"Dreaming about a boy that was kidnapped by a cackling apple in purgatory!" LOLWUT