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Play Terra Monsters Terra Monsters Jan. 20, 2013
Game doesn't work anymore as far as I can tell, left it sitting at 'retrieving player information' for 15+ minutes. Nothing. 0 people in game chat room.
Play Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Aug. 16, 2012
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Aug. 31, 2011
Bug? Secondary protection stats on equipment do not increase the protection number, and do not count towards the trophy. So rings and necklaces with protection stats seem to be worthless...
Play Cat God vs Sun King Cat God vs Sun King Jul. 27, 2011
Ok, now I've got far enough in the game that the spikes can be selected as one of my powers at the start of this level. Maybe give a warning that you won't actually get the power if you purchase it early, before you get the option to select which powers to bring along. Or something along those lines.
Play Cat God vs Sun King Cat God vs Sun King Jul. 27, 2011
Hmm... I bought the ability Paper spikes first, but it doesn't show up with my other powers when I play...?
Play Elements of Arkandia Elements of Arkandia Jun. 09, 2011
So, if complaining removed the debt feature - it was one of the main draws / goal to the game for me - can complaining put it back? Put it back! Add a cheap... er cheat option to remove it instead. + up if you agree.
Play Fade Fade Jan. 10, 2011
For those of you complaining about jumping not working or being delayed - I'm not sure if you noticed, but there's snow on the ground. You can't jump when on the snow.
Play Fade Fade Jan. 10, 2011
Almost wish you could downgrade skills, XD. I seemed to be much more skilled at this game with just the first level of jump along with wall climb and double jump. As soon as I pumped up my jump, I'm falling much more often and it seems like I'm much less likely to pull off a wall climb successfully. I highly recommend upgrading jump last - after getting the first point of it, which I recommend doing first.
Play Deadly Neighbours Deadly Neighbours Nov. 03, 2010
Woops - don't try to move items from your inventory between pages. It creates a copy that you can't get rid of. And if you try to put the copy back onto itself, it makes the items NaN error out.
Play Battle for Alandria Battle for Alandria Jul. 09, 2010
Seriously needs to be retranslated. Seems like a good game though.
Play Stick Arena: Ballistick Stick Arena: Ballistick Jun. 26, 2009
Sort of lame that you need the Lab Pass to access most of the game. Should at least let everyone have one map slot to create a map, and have high rated maps' creators get creds.
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Apr. 30, 2009
4/5 - put all the content into Kongregate (ie. Hydraulic class) for full points.
Play Plan it Green © Plan it Green © Apr. 29, 2009
Is it even possible to move the map around the city, or is that little piece you see all you have access to? Hardly engaging at all. 1/5
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Dec. 17, 2008
having a button taunt and the mortar button away from the aaa button would be nice because of lag :)
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Dec. 17, 2008
too many crates giving away 2, 1, or 0 tactical points, maybe more soldiers would be nice, just it is a lot to risk for 15%-25% ok payoff :(... oh yeah, pie
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Dec. 15, 2008
last thing, heroism only works when they are alive, however, it takes your points either way, kinda lam :(
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Dec. 15, 2008
wouldn't be a bad idea to get rid of the lag at the beginning of the game explaining where the bad guys come from again, ever since, every game on nintendo, we should get it after the first time. or just guess eventually
Play Polinko Polinko Jun. 05, 2008