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Easy Joe 3

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Oct. 28, 2015

Rating: 330

I feel like Joe here might... MIGHT... be kind of a sociopath. Just a thought.

Mystic Guardians

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Sep. 10, 2015

Rating: 3

So is this game ever going to be updated again? I'd guess "no" as an initial thought, which is a real pity, since I just got into the game, and it feels like there's a ton of potential going to waste after a relatively short time period.

The King's League: Odyssey

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Jul. 31, 2015

Rating: 5

Adding to Redesignated's comment, I'd actually like to propose two modes of transition between days - the standard, automatically-progressing one shown in this game and its predecessor; and a step-by-step mode that lets you arrange what actions you want doing each day without needing to feel rushed, at the obvious drawback of progressing more slowly than the automatic progression mode, though this could perhaps be offset with an optional checkbox or what have you that, when active, fast-forwards you through days where you can't do anything else until one is reached where there are units free to perform actions with.

Inferno Legend

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Nov. 18, 2014

Rating: -1

So I can't beat the first boss. Which is to say, it's literally impossible for me to defeat Mantis - he has too much health and deals too much damage for me to whittle him down over the course of ten-plus rounds with the levels I've accrued over the course of the previous fights I was railroaded into, and the fact that he has special abilities when I, from reading other people's comments, don't acquire skills until level 15 is quite frankly ludicrous. I have no option to do anything else, meaning that I'm unable to progress in any way. This is the first game I've ever played where I'm mathematically incapable of defeating the first boss; that's not a good thing. If it helps your calculations, I'm playing as the Samurai, though I'm wondering if I shouldn't have bothered at all.


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Oct. 22, 2014

Rating: 0

This is the sort of game that would benefit greatly from a level builder. Got any plans to add something of that ilk, targacieg?

Papa's Cupcakeria

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Aug. 19, 2014

Rating: 8

God DAMN IT, Greg, why would you give _yet another_ game in this series a badge? It's long since been milked dry of originality, when the first game wasn't even great in the first place; don't encourage FLS to keep going with it.

Epic Boss Fighter

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Apr. 05, 2014

Rating: 15

I seriously can't get over how useless heal packs are late-game. A single point of restored health per health pack will not compensate in late game, when you die in three hits even with maximum health upgrades, and especially not with as low a drop rate as the health packs have. There's barely any point to going out of your way to grab them; you will _never_ get enough to grant you a fourth hit before death in Insane Endless.

Sentry Knight

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Jan. 18, 2014

Rating: 8

This is a great game, and a definite 5/5 - not too hard or too easy, nice art style, good upgrade lists, etcetera etcetera. The only real problem I have with it is that the medals are all listed quite haphazardly, when really, it'd be nice if they could be arranged in such a way that related medals (e.g. "kill X boss", "put 16 points into this spell tree") were in the same locations as one another, so you don't have to wander your mouse around the screen to find everything.

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

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Dec. 26, 2013

Rating: 4

Plot in a nutshell: Some jackass has kidnapped Snail Claus! Are you a bad enough dude to save Christmas?!


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Sep. 22, 2013

Rating: 4

Some of the weapons and items are ridiculously imbalanced. If you have them, and your opponent isn't able to stop them from going through, you may as well have won; if they have them, you're probably not going to have enough defense to stop all of it, and if you don't have any defense, you lose, period. It's infuriating to be dealt 36 damage with no way to block.

Battalion Commander

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Aug. 31, 2013

Rating: 2

So the story mode? Really easy, got through that halfway through the rank system at most. Endless mode? Far too goddamn difficult. The mode as a whole is excessively difficult to do well in, and certain enemy formations, e.g. *A FULL ROW OF CARS AND MISSILE DROPS IN WHICH DAMAGE IS UNAVOIDABLY TAKEN AND SOLDIERS UNAVOIDABLY LOST*, are outright unfair for the player to try and take on. Suggestions: a lot more weapon upgrades, *for the individual weapons*, as well as just less horrendously difficult formations, and various other features as suggested by other players.

A small talk at the back of beyond

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May. 10, 2013

Rating: 5

SPOILERS. So I was wondering why the AI couldn't transfer its data files, or whatever else counts as its consciousness, into the escape pod's systems or something. Maybe become a seed file, and it could regrow itself once the escape pod was discovered? Maybe that could be added as a generally good ending.

Epic War 3

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Mar. 09, 2013

Rating: 2

Is it just me, or does that ultra-goblin in CoT5 get _flung across the entire map to your own castle_ with excessive frequency? Because it keeps happening.


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Feb. 16, 2013

Rating: 6

Should've called it "Barbearians". Or would the pun there have been TOO OBVIOUS.

Wrestle Jump

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Nov. 21, 2012

Rating: 6

This is the biggest load of bullcrap I've ever played. It is _f*cking impossible_ to get a flawless victory - you can't control what happens half the time, the AI is on permanent "I Will Decapitate You Instantly" mode with the ability to turn just about any situation to its advantage if it doesn't get its skull crushed immediately during said situation, and there's basically no skill involved. And you have to defeat the AI *five times.* Good goddamn luck trying to get the supposedly medium badge.

Infectonator 2

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Oct. 08, 2012

Rating: 1

Okay, I can't play this game. As in, I physically can't play it, due to getting a black screen where the game is presumably meant to be. This is, for obvious reasons, a big problem, for which I have previously sent in a bug report. Please fix it, Toge.


Play Hexagon

Oct. 06, 2012

Rating: -1

Well, basic challenge of moving to dodge platforms aside, the game spins your viewpoint around, transitions its colour from yellow to orange to red then back to yellow to repeat the process, and throbs in time to the music. One of those on their own would make the game hard enough as is. All three at once, combined with the lack of precision you have in movement, makes it possible to lose up to quarter of an hour on this game at once without making progress, at which point you smash your monitor to pieces in a fit. Yeah.


Play JumpingLine

Aug. 25, 2012

Rating: 2

Jesus CHRIST, this game is cruel. Like, it's bad enough to try and get through the stages full of spinning spike-covered platforms, but did you have to make the line turn completely invisible as well? Not the cutoff sections where the line can't be seen that you get in the earlier stages, either; I mean the line itself turns COMPLETELY INVISIBLE. That just makes those later stages utterly impossible. If it's a glitch, please fix it, cg; if it's not, you are a cruel, cruel man.

Super Adventure Pals

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Aug. 03, 2012

Rating: 0

I came here because I thought EBF's Matt was in this. The game is good, but I still think it'd be better if the main character was Matt.

Stealth Hunter 2

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Apr. 25, 2012

Rating: -5

@dan131m: They do actually colour the walls that they're near. Neither Minefield mission is that hard, anyway; you just need to pay attention, and move slowly if you aren't sure of your route (but not so slowly in 2 that the guard catches up with you, of course). General Comment: To be honest, my beef is with the forced shoot-em-up missions - sure, they're an okay break from usual gameplay, but Killing Floor is _hard,_ and the Pacifist achievement is _nearly impossible to accomplish._ Seriously... other than that, though, the game's fairly nice.