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Play Flirty Franky Flirty Franky Jan. 11, 2012
Can you say Johnny Bravo?
Play Ants Attack Ants Attack Jan. 10, 2012
A speed-up button would be appreciated... Other than that, the game isn't half bad actually.
Play All That Matters All That Matters Jan. 06, 2012
The story in the beginning is like the story of my life in so many ways... I think I love you now ='(
Developer response from sihirbaz

(I wanted to have a "sad but in a way - happy face" so much today)

Play Santa in Trouble Santa in Trouble Dec. 25, 2011
I want a Pistol, a Petrol Powered Chainsaw and an Assault Rifle for Christmas! :D
Play Rocket Santa Rocket Santa Dec. 23, 2011
Somebody should give Santa a parachute this Christmas...