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Responsible for # of account bans\probations total : 927.
Give me a reason.

Since the “community manager” for the awful buggy obvious beta game “Contract Wars” deletes legitimate criticism while dismissing problems and insulting users, I’ve gone ahead and left this in my profile. A full repost of my points along with some links to picture resources.
Have fun trying to remove this, NQSS -.

I’m level 45, and I started during a double EXP event, so it took less than a month to get to LV 42-44.
What the game is like :
Stacked servers, if any.
Hit detection is a freaking joke.
INFESTED with cheaters. Tens and HUNDREDS of people, really obviously cheating.
Symptoms of a bad game : Pay 2 win model, attitude, gun rentals. Skills cost SP and not just money, and of course people can buy SP and other stuff with real money.
I have the same gun as another dude, I have armor and dmg up skills. I shoot him for 2 seconds, he turns around (My ping was 28 btw, his 51) and guess what. After nearly all fifty bullets out of a P90, he ONE SHOTS ME. Not a headshot, and from full health.
This is all your game experience will be, unless you cheat – and almost all of the “top players” cheat. Hilariously, painfully bad of them, and very obvious too.
I’m talking looking at me before I turn a corner, if not prefiring immediately.
Low level gameplay is MANAGEABLE but not fun until about LV 30, then the rent-a-gun retards come out with their wallet warrioring.
The game is unfun and entirely unplayable.
The devs are russian, which explains the complete lack of balance, hit detection, or ability to get anything right.
It really is hilarious when you die in 1 single hit from 100 HP and 60 armor FROM AN SMG. From ACROSS THE MAP. REPEATEDLY.
Same kid in some “pro” clan with a KDR of 41-2.
This is possible exactly once a week, on average. Not SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW.
thousands of people are getting banned very shortly, but it doesn’t matter.
This game will always be complete, total and utter crud. Avoid playing it unless it’s the challenge of the day or something.
Edit : OH HEY! Guess what! Certain overactive, power abusing moderators have taken down my last topic in an attempt to whitewash the game’s ATROCIOUS reputation. How delightful!
Edit 2 : My topic was closed after a day, with no confrontation , trolling or derailing.
I’m documenting the whitewash, devs \ mods. Please keep going, I’m sure the Internet would be fascinated with shady practices.

Edit 3.5 : NQSS keeps removing this thread because he’s insecure about any criticism for the game his bad company is producing. I have a screenshot of him insulting my connection and skills and being wrong on both counts.

NQSS insulting in the 3rd thread (This is the 5th one) before closing it : http://i59.tinypic.com/e81rn7.jpg

My KDR, because I’m apparently a “bad player” : http://i57.tinypic.com/n3osn6.jpg

Spread the word, people! Contract Wars is a bad, laggy, cheater-infested, buggy, unfinished experience where posting or complaining about any of it will see you censored, if not ridiculed entirely!

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