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Play Doublue Wires Doublue Wires Sep. 05, 2009
This ISN'T stolen!
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Jul. 14, 2009
The first time I reached the moon, it took me 3 minutes to get down. When I finally did, I wound up with $33,597.15 from that turn alone. DAMN, SON.
Play Cam that Colour! Cam that Colour! Jul. 11, 2009
This is EXTREMELY cool and fun! A few things: Add the Kong API for high score leadreboards and add a "Retry" button at the end because you're forced to refresh. Awesome work, though!
Play Vector Vector Jul. 26, 2008
PLEASE integrate the Kongregate API in this for high score tracking!!
Play Evito Ball Evito Ball Jul. 25, 2008
Very much like a zero-g "N". Would love the Kongregate API for real leaderboards!
Play Nibblets Nibblets Jul. 22, 2008
You should integrate the Kong API in this for high scores!
Play Ninja Roll Ninja Roll Jul. 22, 2008
Deceptively easy but extremely fun. For some reason, though, it doesn't save my highest-reached level under "Level select" when I navigate away from the page.
Play Deflection Deflection Jul. 22, 2008
Please add the Kongregate API!
Play Planet of the Forklift Kid Planet of the Forklift Kid Jul. 20, 2008
I've cleared every level, but my high score won't update. It still says my total time is 10 million.
Play DunkIt 2 DunkIt 2 Jul. 18, 2008
Also, add the Kongregate API, please!
Play DunkIt 2 DunkIt 2 Jul. 18, 2008
hm okay game :|
Play Breach Breach Jul. 18, 2008
The music starts getting really really awesome after the first level.
Play Planet of the Forklift Kid Planet of the Forklift Kid Jul. 18, 2008
The fact that this has the same average review score as "Ragdoll" (not Avalanche, but a different game where you just slam a ragdoll into walls with no goal) is a travesty.
Play People Bucket People Bucket Jul. 18, 2008
Add the Kongregate API for high scores, please!
Play Braids NEON Braids NEON Jul. 17, 2008
The visuals are distracting. I don't know what's going on usually.
Play SteerWheels SteerWheels Jul. 17, 2008
I actually like the timer/lives system.
Play SteerWheels SteerWheels Jul. 17, 2008
You should definitely implement the Kongregate API in this for high scores.
Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Jul. 13, 2008
Despirately needs a pause button. I got the hard badge on my first try, but I was annoyed as hell that I couldn't ever stop and manage my music. Also, the difficulty doesn't seem to climb ever. Once I broke 100,000, I got bored and had to throw the game. Also, more than average bugs.
Play Kongai Kongai Jul. 12, 2008
I LOVE this game.
Play Ball Revamped 4 Ball Revamped 4 Jul. 06, 2008
lasers keep firing at you even when paused.