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Play Tiny Racing Game Tiny Racing Game Feb. 24, 2011
Congratulations!! You've just stolen a game from Emanuele Feronato, how very proud of yourself you must be!
Play Laser Device Laser Device Feb. 24, 2011
It's quite good but I felt the problems werent really challenging enough
Play Light Cut Light Cut Dec. 01, 2010
Game broke...I picked up the flattened marshmallow, but the game didnt register it so I was stuck with a marshmallow following my cursor and all the game was telling me was that I needed to pick it up
Play Quick Eyes Quick Eyes Nov. 16, 2010
Not bad, although it could've been improved if it wasnt the same words that flashed up each time.
Play Truggle Truggle Oct. 31, 2010
It's a fun game, one criticism is that resource management doesnt seem to be very good and as a result, the game starts to lag after a while.
Play Coinscape Coinscape Oct. 30, 2010
A fun game, finding it hard to believe you did that in 2 days.
Play Cold Awakening Cold Awakening Oct. 26, 2010
It's quite a good game, very atmospheric but not very scary. If the player had less health, an uninfinite ammo supply and enemies could chase after the player rather than following set routes I think it would be a lot more scary
Play Frost Jump 2 Frost Jump 2 Oct. 18, 2010
The controls are very floaty, also, the music seems pretty inappropriate for the game.
Play Walk game Walk game Oct. 18, 2010
I couldnt even complete level one because of that annoying moving platform, it's practically impossible to stay on the damn thing. Also the frame rate was really slow.
Play Zombinator 9000 Zombinator 9000 Oct. 18, 2010
Spotted a bug, no matter how much money I have it always says I dont have enough for reflective bullets.
Play Square Game Square Game Aug. 22, 2010
couldnt have taken more than 5 minutes to make this, try working on a proper game, then you'll actually improve
Play Pixel-copter Pixel-copter Aug. 22, 2010
What I would do to improve it: 1 - Give Players arrow keys/WASD's too much of an awkward leap to quickly go from spacebar to mouse. 2 - In the graph show all heights so that players can get more of an overall sense of improvement 3 - If players hit a pad while ascending then they crash, that way there would be a little more skill involved
Play Commensurate Commensurate Aug. 19, 2010
Pretty awful, as blazeilev said, the questions repeat way too much, you should keep track of which questions the player's already been asked. Also, some of the questions get cut off by the textboxes which arent big enough
Play Live Escape-Bed Room Live Escape-Bed Room Aug. 16, 2010
I dont see how this game could be remotely possible to anyone who didnt have the walkthrough open in front of them...and even when using the walkthrough I still couldnt make the damn thing work
Play Reverse Breakout Reverse Breakout Aug. 11, 2010
i applaud your attempt to come up with an original take on the game, but I'm afraid this isnt a good game
Play Red Cross Red Cross Aug. 10, 2010
totally unplayable
Play Hidden Objects Kids Room Hidden Objects Kids Room Aug. 02, 2010
what kind of child has a bedroom like that? if it werent for the bunk bed it would look more like a smart office
Play Tippy Truck Tippy Truck Jul. 31, 2010
what the hell's going on with the save system?? The game just asked me for 10meg of save space!! And then when I start up the game again it doesnt even remember me.
Play Key Master Key Master Jul. 30, 2010
Now that it's got the addition of a video enable option i quite like it...especially the fiendish difficulty :D 4/5 now
Play Lofty Tower Lofty Tower Jul. 29, 2010
completed level 5 and got told i had to redo it