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Oct 3, 2014 8:25pm

Will there be another doodle game here soon?

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GenesisIanH Nov 12, 2014 8:19pm

yep That’s What I’m Expecting!!

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SoftHard Dec 6, 2014 3:10pm

I want Doodle Farm here!

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timjama1 Feb 6, 2015 2:22pm


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Sep 1, 2014 9:25am

Doodle god is great!!!

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Jul 27, 2014 4:48pm

I like doodle g-d. So fun!

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Feb 19, 2014 7:57am

hai ;3

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Jan 8, 2014 4:01pm

Is there a way to save progress on Doodle God? Chat has been rather unhelpful

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Badim Jan 9, 2014 3:49am

should be auto-saved every time with new element.

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PunkFaye Jan 9, 2014 4:02pm

Nope. Not happening for me.

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Badim Jan 10, 2014 10:23am

Try changing Flash Player Setting – allowed space for saving flash games data. Set meter to moar – and should be ok.

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Dec 20, 2013 9:03am

Your games are cool, can’t belive you are in my city

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Nov 4, 2013 2:03pm

Doodle God 3 under works?

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Oct 23, 2013 11:25am

Royal Offense – we found a thing that was slowing game on not fast computers. We `ll release update soon.

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Oct 21, 2013 12:50pm

I love your games!

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Oct 17, 2013 12:42pm

Fantastic job on Royal Offense.

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Badim Oct 21, 2013 10:04am


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Aug 5, 2013 6:36am

How do you make your games?

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pedrooliveira Oct 20, 2013 7:56am

I just wanted to ask the same!!

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pedrooliveira Oct 20, 2013 7:57am

A bit more curious in the carcassonne game

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Badim Oct 21, 2013 10:04am

Adobe Flash 5.5 and – that all you need to begin.

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Oct 17, 2013 4:48am

I was just thinking to myself yesterday while looking for a new game to play; “Wow, I haven’t seen Badim put out anything in a while, wonder if he’s still around?”. Then POOF! Not that far in, but rather enjoying it so far, nice work.

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Badim Oct 17, 2013 8:47am

tnx =)

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Sep 13, 2013 11:56am

Thank you for the Musiac Box game! I really enjoyed completing it today. Where can I buy the full version?

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Jun 27, 2013 3:27pm

doodle devil 2???

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staline Aug 17, 2013 7:39pm

lolz shigay the pussy girl, you are rolby, then, shut up!

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darkviper1234 Sep 10, 2013 4:05pm

badim didnt create doodle devil Avaloid4JoyBits created doodle devil you retard

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Gabidou99 Sep 12, 2013 9:31pm

mistakes =/= retarded

my dear “gentleman”

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Aug 23, 2013 12:17pm


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May 28, 2013 12:27am

Badim, what happened to you? You haven’t done anything in a while? Did you die or are you having a hard time on Braveheart?

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Angel100000 Jun 9, 2013 10:40am

He may stopped making games cause of his hard drive being full

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Thorock Jun 15, 2013 7:38pm


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Badim Jul 11, 2013 12:37am

General – Hard time =( few problems during my work, that knockout 6 months of my hard work. Things happens =)

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Jun 28, 2013 4:36pm

can u make doodle god 3

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Jun 24, 2013 11:48pm


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Jun 2, 2013 9:31am

Sooooo….. is there gonna be a Doodle God 3?

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Rhysdog Jun 15, 2013 1:25am

theres effectively a doodle god 4(plus extra’s) on the app store, not sure about android market though

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May 24, 2013 5:21am


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Mallibu May 27, 2013 8:09pm

well… doodle god 1/2 are Really good. Doodle devil, eh, its good, but not as good. and for the three of these games you should add animations whenever the player creates a new element. for examp…

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Mallibu May 27, 2013 8:09pm

*1 and 2

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May 6, 2013 12:04pm

ablen en español mierda
cuanto años tienen ?
por ejemplo
responde mierda aber que es eso

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AbiS1 May 24, 2013 6:38pm


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May 4, 2013 8:56am

Any news on Braveheart? D:

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Badim May 9, 2013 4:09am

We now adding stamina – and making some changes to menues. Next week should be ok.

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warr2098 May 10, 2013 1:08pm

Ok, good luck! :) Also played Hired Heroes Offense, it’s great! But… the witch needs to be a bit less powerful :p

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Thorock May 22, 2013 3:26pm

they make good games, Braveheart should be another great!

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May 7, 2013 1:52pm

wayne wants to play.

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warr2098 May 8, 2013 8:57am

me tooo

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May 4, 2013 9:03pm

Wayne here,when braveheart be released? :D

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Apr 15, 2013 8:10am

Braveheart, when will it be released? :)

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Thorock Apr 15, 2013 6:28pm

amen, would like to try!

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Badim Apr 16, 2013 3:46am

i hope this week – got a lot of feedback for it =)

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Thorock Apr 17, 2013 3:25pm

cool, good luck Badim!