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Play Pool Live Pro Pool Live Pro Apr. 18, 2015
Hmmm, I don't recall in real pool the privilege to be able to just pick up the cue ball and place it wherever the f*** you please...
Play Grey Grey Apr. 16, 2015
Bullet Audyssey, THAT'S where I've heard this song. I knew I heard it a while back and trying to remember in what other game was eating my brain like in The Mummy where the scarab beetle ate into that fat guy's foot and chewed its way all the way up to inside his head. But I knew it was a shooter kind of game.
Play Poltergeist Poltergeist Apr. 15, 2015
Come on, I need to be able to sprint or more than just a half a second. And either make it have one less specter or make the circle of light around me a bit bigger.
Play Poltergeist Poltergeist Apr. 15, 2015
I saw the guy called "98125" in the top 5 said he'd like to see this in first person. There is a game called "Eyes - The Horror Game" that is that very thing (not this exact game, but first person horror). It's pretty cool; the ghost you have to avoid while getting as many bags of loot as required is very freaky. It will take 10 or more times dying to not have a heart attack. All in all, check it out; it's worth it! >:D
Play Dark Mines Dark Mines Apr. 14, 2015
Is anyone else hearing no music or any sound at all despite there being buttons on the game screen to mute either one?
Play Hello Worlds! Hello Worlds! Apr. 13, 2015
Is anyone else having a problem with the jump not always working?
Play Evolution of video game Evolution of video game Apr. 12, 2015
Even though it was done in 48 hours, I still think the jumping could be less random, both in height and when jumping higher works. It should activate on the second or third jump of the jump button held down. Also, it should increase in height gradually and then start back at the lowest height when the top is reached.
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Apr. 11, 2015
About foxes the Fox Ears: they make it so that the foxes will have no effect on you. That means no damage; but it also means no actual physical hits, so going through foxes won't ruin attempts at the "run flawlessly for X seconds" medals. Here's where many people get hazed: there are foxes and there are wolves; they are completely identical in shape and form. The one difference is that foxes are brown, whereas wolves are grey and look kind of translucent, like it's a ghost. The ghost like translucency is what gets most people: those are wolves, NOT ghost foxes.
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Apr. 11, 2015
HOW TO BEAT THE NIGHTMARE--- Normally, in a running game like this, you'd have to go a certain distance and/or do certain things/accomplishments in that last run to beat the game's end, in this case, the reaper chasing you. In this game, the very ending thing is the opposite. You DO have to get all of the medals (except of course "Beat the Nightmare"), but after that you start again and then LET the reaper catch you; basically, die on purpose. So: get all medals except "Beat the Nightmare" and then die on purpose. Hope this helped people not blow many hours trying to get like 1,000m traveled or look for some special task or item to Beat the Nightmare.
Play Pollinate Pollinate Apr. 10, 2015
Nice little time waster (that can be a good thing; sometimes people might want a game just for killing time). Three things that can be improved: 1-Make the guy keep moving if the direction button is held down; it gets fairly annoying to keep tapping the buttons the whole game. 2-Smoother flow of the guy moving from square to square; many times when moving, I have to tap the button multiple times before he moves into the next square, like he's hesitating. 3-After completing every kind of puzzle for a color room, instead of staying the same room every time you enter after that, it could randomly change rooms for that color. I have to admit, I solved about 90% of all kinds of rooms for all three colors before I realized you can actually click the flowers and the word “mix”. XD One thing that could be added is a story; maybe he's making as many kinds of flowers for a girl or something. The one thing I love, is the ability to pull blocks back if I push against it while it's against a wall.
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Apr. 08, 2015
DOUBLE JUMP INFO; double jump isn't glitching or broken. I realized the wings up in the bar that tells how many parachutes and daggers you have is how many double jumps you have. That's right it's on purpose and apparently, limited in amount of times you can do just like daggers/parachutes. Hey SoulGame (dev.), here's the thing that everyone will agree about and almost everyone will agree needs to be changed: make double jump a natural / unlimited thing. Trust me. ;) People will love it even better; in fact, it makes for a lot of the frustration in this particular game. So, if it's possible to update Rogue Soul 1, on behalf of everyone who plays and loves the game, please make double jump natural and unlimited. Besides, it doesn't make you overpowered or anything that will take the fun out of it. Thx
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Apr. 08, 2015
Random Hint: "Adventurers prefer straight paths and will rarely explore side passages". Oh yeah? You know how many times my guys have hit all traps and spent -2gp hitting money bags repeatedly because of all the side passages they "rarely" went to before finally going my main path?
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Apr. 07, 2015
I wish the ATMs appeared as dots on that radar you can buy.
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Apr. 07, 2015
Intro: "19 days ago..." Guy sees zombie coming; guy draws gun; many more zombies walk into view from behind him; fades to black... Not meaning to be greedy, but when I see an intro that says "this happened this many days/years ago, I'm kind of used to seeing a bit more of a story.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Apr. 07, 2015
If anyone is interested, I created one long rectangle of every frame that has words appear. Basically, all of the game's dialog is in every frame it appears in this mega-screenshot. This is NOT A WALKTHROUGH; it is an image of each and every set of words as they appear in the game. Check it out. :D
Play City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack Apr. 07, 2015
-GOLD COLLECTING TIP- There is the problem of gold disappearing after 10 or so seconds or gold being in hard to reach places. You can collect gold from a distance; you collect whatever gold you hit with bullets AND missiles. Best instance is blowing up something and the mass of rubble landing on top of a bunch of gold. Just shoot the hell out of the rubble and then just shoot the gold from there.
Play Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! Apr. 05, 2015
Wow, the comments are already mostly negative. Knowing all of the Papa's fill-in-the-blank--eria games, I wonder if these "attack" Papa's games are also the quickly lame, repetitive and pallet swap of all other games like it kind of thing we've all seen before. I haven't played any of the "attack" games, but am planning to some time; hope to see something decent with Papa this time, Flipline.
Play Crush the Castle Crush the Castle Apr. 04, 2015
You gotta love Kongregate's version of "Physics". :) Ya got Roadkill Revenge, where the physics themselves give an almost completely random result every turn. Ya got 99 Bricks & Super Stacker, where the stack of what is supposed to be SOLID objects bounces up and down like it's made of jelly. And here ya got Crush the Castle, where buildings can safely wobble on 2 x 4's and pieces of wood and stone get hit with BOMBS and still stay in one piece. :D
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Mar. 31, 2015
@Bruce971 in the top 5 said, "The moment you FINALLY hire the Dread Knight, you think... well, that took a while. Guess what? Atlas is 1 Quadrillion times more expensive. Have fun...." That's only half of it; the other half is: while the damage he does is monumental before you hire him, when you do finally make the kind of money needed to hire Dread Knight, the increase in damage isn't so monumental anymore. When I hired him, he added 206-d damage, but I was at 312-d damage... what a let down. I can tell already that hiring Atlas, while huge right now for me, will be the same as Dread Knight. :*(
Play Acorn Story Acorn Story Mar. 31, 2015
If there was a .hack//SIGN (it's an anime; look it up on Wikipedia ^.^) or The Matrix kind of virtual reality device that actually puts you into what seems like another reality and feels and seems actually real, isn't this one you'd love to have? ^.^