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Play Papa's Cupcakeria Papa's Cupcakeria Mar. 31, 2015
By far the most fun part is the very beginning, now that there's a "create custom character" option. I had a ball creating the most deformed freak I could possibly manage with this game. XD "Ha! That's a riot!... Wait.. I get to go out in public and serve people with this hilarious monstrosity!" XDD Like I said, I had a ball.
Play Super Stacker Super Stacker Mar. 30, 2015
In the next Super Stacker, the stack must also survive 10 seconds onscreen. However, in that one, you can win earlier than that by having all of the pieces smiling at once, indicating that they are all stable. Stability past 10 seconds, and most times before that, goes out the window for the Impossible badge in that game though, trust me. ;)
Play Music Box of Life 2 Music Box of Life 2 Mar. 29, 2015
Searches for the last difference in a particular level for a long time......... gives up and clicks "Hint". Sees the blue sparkles show that the guy's legs are slightly apart in one and together in another. Me, "Oh, my bad; maybe a girl might have noticed that quick enough, but me being a guy, examining around another guy's butt crack/crotch area wasn't exactly the first method my mind chooses to execute.
Play Music Box of Life 2 Music Box of Life 2 Mar. 29, 2015
Searches... searches... Puzzle, "You're not going to find my last difference on your own". Searches... searches... Game, "Like Puzzle said, you'll never find it by yourself; let me help". Searches... searches... Game & Puzzle, "I'm telling you, your Human perception isn't good enough; let the help assist you". Searches... searches... ... ... ... ......... Me, "OK, I can take a HINT". XD
Play Rebuild Rebuild Mar. 29, 2015
I have a hard time remembering which buildings can be converted into what; same for which lab research leads to what. If it's the same with you, here's a list that will help. Of course if you wanted, you could just look it up on Google or youtube. XD -------BUILDERS------- Park/Rubble→Farm/Suburbs Office/Motel→Apartment/School ParkingLot→Suburb/Farm McNoodles/Warehouse→Church/Hospital Eight/Twelve Mart (I think)→Bar/Laboratory ***These next pairs convert into each other*** School↔Apartment *** Hospital↔Church *** Bar↔Laboratory -- LABORATORY RESEARCH TREE -- 1STROW--Binoculars (spot more survivors when scouting)→Radio (random person joins every so often)→Electricity (less unhappiness events) 2NDROW--Zombie Vitals (soldiers kill zombies better)→Stealth (safer for scouting/scavenging far away)→Anti Venom (immunity to zombie bites) 3RDROW--Preservation (less bad food events)→Pesticides (no more bad food events)→Fertilizer (each farm +2 more food)
Play Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 Mar. 25, 2015
Wow, I never understood the way people downvote comments. Sometimes I think a few people hack it or other peoples' accounts and vote them the way that one hacker wants it. I commented: "+ this if you had a hard time tearing your eyes away from the reporters great boobs, especially the second shot of her when she's leaning forward." Last time I looked I was at -9. Literally RIGHT AFTER mine the comment said: "Great Tits, Badge earned, rubbish game, I'm off!!" I looked and they were at +17. So, I say something about an aspect and I get quite the donwvote, but the very next person says about the EXACT same aspect and also says the game is rubbish and they get a big upvote. Hmph, I guess I'm just an old man that doesn't understand how the new young world works anymore. XD but seriously, I just don't get how people think.
Play Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 Mar. 25, 2015
+ this if you had a hard time tearing your eyes away from the reporters great boobs, especially the second shot of her when she's leaning forward.
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Mar. 24, 2015
OK the bosses and sub bosses from level 25 on up are too hard. At least make more levels that equipment can upgrade to. After a certain point your ability to get stranger plateaus but the final 5 or so bosses still get tougher, leaving you behind in ability with no way of being where you need to be to beat them.
Play A Kitty Dream A Kitty Dream Mar. 23, 2015
It WAS 4 stars and it's still really neat but the part that rapidly sucks all the enjoyment out of the game was when you have to jump JUST RIGHT and dash between a long row of spikes above and below at JUST THE RIGHT height and jump PERFECTLY: not too late or you'll drop on the bottom spikes but not too soon or you'll hit the top spikes. Then you have to hope you nail it exactly right going back the other way, and it has to be to the pixel. That one part was made to be considerably harder than it should have.
Play Perspective Perspective Mar. 22, 2015
Like Vanderwaal said, it reminds me also of "The Company of Myself". At the very end, in her mind, the emptiness and sadness of losing her son slowly starts to alter her 'perspective' and she starts seeing the dog as her son. You know what this reminds me of most? The anime "Air"; specifically, the episode with Minagi's mother, who's second baby after Minagi, who's name would be Michiru, was stillborn. After that her mind altered reality after not too long of a time and for some time she basically erased her older daughter, Minagi, from existence and always called her Michiru. Fortunately, she regained her right mind, and accepted the truth and made up with Minagi.
Play Escape the 13th Floor Escape the 13th Floor Mar. 22, 2015
"Congratulations!! You managed to escape the 13th floor!" Great! :D ... :( OK, now: Wtf just happened? Who did that to me? Why did they do it? Why did they do it to ME? Was it just some master criminal wannabe who's watched too much "Saw" and "CSI" or is there some big conspiracy and operation, maybe even some secret society??? O.O
Play Ultimate Waterfalls Ultimate Waterfalls Mar. 21, 2015 link (or any link) shouldn't be in the game area. Other than that, it's a cool game with neat music.
Play We are all birds We are all birds Mar. 21, 2015
1/5 stars for complete lack of instruction.
Play Silly Ghost Silly Ghost Mar. 21, 2015
1--Bottles move WAY too slow. 2--The blue circle crap can be removed; it's already difficult enough, we don't need the ghost to scatter bottles). 3--Salt mostly appears on the opposite side of the room the ghost is on making it reach an opening long before we get salt and get there. 4--A lot of rooms are too narrow making the ghost reach an opening before it's even Humanly possible to get salt AND reach it. 5--After retry there should be a pause to get into a better location than the bottom of the screen. Either the ghost gets too high up to stop it in time or bottles are too far away to get them and all the way back in time. 6--After level 25 two ghosts? Seriously? They almost always go opposite directions; you can only block one before the other gets away, and even if you do block both one time, unless they both travel about the same line, you won't be able to keep blocking two different paths repeatedly. For all the reasons listed above, it was already very difficult with just one.
Play Stellar hunter 2 Stellar hunter 2 Mar. 21, 2015
Just like in the first Stellar Hunter, everyone rate this game 5 stars so the Kongregate crew sees and gives it a badge. :D Like maybe a Medium badge for getting 100% on all levels.
Play Stellar hunter Stellar hunter Mar. 21, 2015
Everyone rate this game 5 stars so the Kongregate crew sees and gives it a badge. :D Like maybe a Medium badge for getting 100% on all levels.
Play Sky Garden Sky Garden Mar. 21, 2015
By the way, everyone rate this game to the max so the Kongregate crew sees it's high rating and give it badge(s), 'cuz: this game seriously NEEDS badge(s). Relax, you can rate it back down after it gets badged, and not before. >:D
Play Sky Garden Sky Garden Mar. 21, 2015
Before this, I was playing a game that was kind of nicely made and looked neat and started off good enough, and then it started pissing me off really quick and all the fun disappeared and I was left very irritated and a bit enraged. Then I came to this game and it did a 180 to me. Thank you dev., you are my mental savior. :D Games like this should have a tag called "Other game(s) pissed(ing) you off? Play this, it'll help" or "Anti-rage". If there would be a tag like those, I think the second one would be more realistic. XD
Play Adventure Story Adventure Story Mar. 17, 2015
"Alright, I'm kinda tired, so I'll just get this and the other badge of the day I don't already have and go to sleep". ... MUCH later ... Looks at the clock, "I'm never going to get any sleep, thank God it's my day off today".
Play Mindy in Zombieland Mindy in Zombieland Mar. 15, 2015
Doesn't this music make you want to go out and buy a pretty, lightly chiming little flute and just sit and play it along with this music?