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    Behind you, waiting for a cookie plz.
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    Jan. 10, 2009
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I joined on Jan 10, 2009 and have been in The Van ever since. Nothing else special. I earned my first Imp badge, Over the Ashes, on May 21, 2011

ADD ME (at your own risk of loosing mudkips):
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: Echofeng (No longer used for now)
PSN: Huntress-Missy
Steam ID: baukwolf

My nicknames are Bauk, and “Ma’am Mrs. Knight Doctor Master Baukwolf Queen Sir Commander”

Well, since i always manage, ALWAYS, manage to kill The Van’s chat, I got this!

blobbosezhi2: Congratulationz! You just won the You Killed the Chat for the 500th time award and 60 points!

Parappa20: Yay! I made Edward Cullen!
Parappa20: Element 63: Vampire >:D
Parappa20: Does he sparkle…?

diabolotry: Sigh. My mom won’t stop trying to get me to be her neighbor on FarmVille..
diabolotry: I knew we should have never taught her to internet.

Stoner4life4: Unusual Castration
UltimateChaos: I don’t even want to know what that would be Stoner….

UltimateChaos: Caps are falling into our chat, our churches, and our children. We must stand up against the caps, and stand strong.

UltimateChaos: Internet Explorer is never a choice, it’s a disease.

TheIdleProphet: And that if a deer breaks into the woods a rifle is perfectly suited for self defense, but if a human being breaks into your house a handgun may be a better option.

TheIdleProphet: o.o I really just said that deer break into the woods.

sparrak: wussup bitches?
UltimateChaos: Want to try another greeting?
sparrak: sure. hello bitches
UltimateChaos: One more try
sparrak: okay. hi
UltimateChaos: Hello!

TheIdleProphet: I have a black cat that pisses herself if it’s too dark because she can’t find herself.
TheIdleProphet: And a gray calico that will hiss at anything that moves… except me.
Shadz1: sounds like you have a deep and profound cat

L5RSamurai: UC, who’s that under your desk?
UltimateChaos: Probably Alex again

TheIdleProphet: I think the Mac thing would get a little confusing with gerunds.
Baukwolf: Your an igerunds D:
Baukwolf: Whats a gerunds?
Shadz1: i believe its a verb,
TheIdleProphet: Look at that iBuilding. You’re building that? NO, it’s already built, it’s just an iBuilding!
UltimateChaos: It’s what you’d get if you ate TIP

BlametheVodka: What’s the difference between you and a mallard with a cold?
UltimateChaos: I don’t know
BlametheVodka: Well, one’s a sick duck and… I forget the rest, but you’re mother is a whore.

TheIdleProphet: My kid just ran into the office, “Mom wants to know if Tom Selleck is gay.”

diabolotry:Do I need to crack some heads?
CrazedTroll: If you did I think nothing would come out >.>

TheIdleProphet: There’s 300 tons of ****ing ice, and 40,000 immigrant polar bears taking our jobs.
L5RSamurai: I knew I should have invested in a flamethrower this winter.

TheIdleProphet: Sometimes when slayer talks, I kill a pony so God doesn’t have to.

Baukwolf: I actually hate my biological mom lol
sagacioussaga: you and i both lol
sagacioussaga: well i don’t hate ‘your’ bio-mom…but yea
TheIdleProphet: I hate Bauk’s mom. o.o

Baukwolf: Google isnt as funny as UC
UltimateChaos: If google could do everything I could, Google would be your room owner.

TheIdleProphet: Oh, so you’re not the same idiot that was in here an hour ago?
TheIdleProphet: You’re a fresh idiot?
Salenge: ?
TheIdleProphet: Yup. Fresh idiot.

Kyru: I went from below the air
Kyru: to above the ear
Kyru: …
Kyru: YES.
Kyru: Totally what I meant.

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