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Play Click Play Quickfire 1 Click Play Quickfire 1 Jun. 27, 2012
Stolen, Blakzer?
Play Click Play Quickfire 1 Click Play Quickfire 1 Jun. 27, 2012
I'm so slow... :'(
Play Old Man Baby Old Man Baby Apr. 11, 2012
This is lovely. It could indeed use some more instructions, but I suppose we all managed to get there in the end, so it doesn't need them. I quite liked the little discoveries I made. :)
Play Wooden Rolls Wooden Rolls Mar. 20, 2012
very nice :)
Play Dodge!!! 2 Dodge!!! 2 Feb. 09, 2012
It is. Thanks!
Play Dodge!!! 2 Dodge!!! 2 Feb. 09, 2012
It would be even better if you'd include a mute-button.
Developer response from TheGentlemen

edit: added it already, hope the game is more pleasant to play now.

Play Cube on Cube 3D Cube on Cube 3D Feb. 09, 2012
Mute please.
Play Salawander Demo Salawander Demo Feb. 08, 2012
It is lovely. But too short (I know it's a demo, and I don't care. Kongregate should be meant for proper games)
Play Ultimate Collision 2 Ultimate Collision 2 Feb. 08, 2012
screen is tiny.
Play First Cut Fruits First Cut Fruits Feb. 08, 2012
Not a puzzle
Play Button Hero Button Hero Feb. 07, 2012
It's a shame the tapping isn't in the rhythm of the actual music.
Play Gravity Maze by geemzo Gravity Maze by geemzo Feb. 06, 2012
not enough levels. I don't care for mobile levels, or facebook.
Play Frankie Dino Frankie Dino Feb. 04, 2012
It's a nice game. In my opinion the ending animation (dino getting out of the egg) is too long.
Play Kick Out Green Pigs Kick Out Green Pigs Feb. 02, 2012
Very nice
Play Square VS Square Square VS Square Feb. 02, 2012
It's a bit buggy. You don't get hurt if you push the enemy (but you can push them off the screen, so you can't finish the level). Needs a lot of work to receive more than two stars.
Developer response from dakiller09

I'll work on that. I'll try to fix the bugs and add some more levels so more people will enjoy it. Thanks for the comment anyway as it can help me develop my game.

Play BOB BOB Feb. 02, 2012
This sucks. :(
Play Tiramisu cooking game Tiramisu cooking game Feb. 02, 2012
How is this a game?
Play Cars Online Coloring game 	  	Cars Online Coloring game Feb. 02, 2012
it seems you can't select any color.
Play Abducted Abducted Feb. 01, 2012
very nice, but a tad too easy
Play All Is One All Is One Jan. 31, 2012
It takes an awful long time to load. No mute button (the music gets on your nerves). But it's interesting.