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Play The Tale Of Doris and The Dragon - Episode I The Tale Of Doris and The Dragon - Episode I May. 11, 2015
Could she move slower? I'm having trouble keeping up with her.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Jan. 15, 2015
Huh... now I see what's different. I'm not gaining any more bonus for perfect rounds. Why is that?
Play Pixelo Pixelo Jan. 15, 2015
Finished today's daily puzzle and got a "Failed Perfect" - 0 point bonus. Didn't make any mistakes, not sure why this would be. Any guesses?
Play Pixelo Pixelo Oct. 27, 2014
Scoloplacidae? Had to look that one up. According to google, though, it's a catfish, not a bird. Confused.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Oct. 09, 2014
I love this game, completed the puzzles again after my computer reset it, with very little complaint. The only feature I would like added is the ability to manually click a number in the cleared section so that I can know it's been filled even before the computer does. Currently you have to wait until you've marked all the way to one edge or the other. At times you may know you've finished one but it will still look uncompleted. Otherwise, great game. Been a while since a notice from the creator. Any ideas when the expansion pack of daily puzzles will be out?
Play Robo Trobo Robo Trobo Aug. 14, 2014
Boy, how unintuitive.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 08, 2014
nvm. Masked samurai now unlocked. self -
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 08, 2014
Masked Samurai locked for me on level 94. Unable to level him up anymore. Not sure why.
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 23, 2014
As the Critter meets more and more chests it occurs to me that perhaps Noah was correct in not letting him on the boat.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Jun. 03, 2014
Finished. Want more. 1 a day is not going to be satisfying enough.
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 21, 2014
Is Marshmallow solvable without guessing?
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 09, 2014
Sure seems like a lot of "quarters" By my count there's at least a city and a half here.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 23, 2014
"Beer" an alcoholic beverage. "Bear" An animal that poops in the woods.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 22, 2014
"Deer" An animal. "Dear" A loved one.
Developer response from tamaii

I feel shame. Thanks~!

Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 17, 2014
Hardcore Story? Bah. Try playing the normal level with no sound. Now that's a challenge.
Play Tiny Russian Roulette 1.0 Tiny Russian Roulette 1.0 Mar. 12, 2014
How disturbing is that this game gets more plays than any of the other new submissions? You people have serious issues. (Of course, I played it too.)
Play Fishy Rush Fishy Rush Mar. 12, 2014
black screen must be very deep underwater
Developer response from SilenGames

The game dosn't work? Please provide me info about your browser.

Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Mar. 07, 2014
Was going to make some disparaging remark about "distant-near future" until I actually played the game. The irreverance was wonderful and the dialogue between the characters was actually something to look forward to rather than skip. "I have a condition" actually made me laugh out loud. Only change I would make would be to add a graphic change to the enemies when affected by the EMP. Currently they just look like they're frozen in mid-motion. However, this is really a well done game. 5/5 for the genre.
Play Run Run Ran Run Run Ran Mar. 06, 2014
I swear, this game has a shorter play time than donkey kong. I don't know what all those 0s are for under the coin section. I've only made it to 4 digits one time, and I'm pretty sure that was absolute luck.
Play Mana Crusher Mana Crusher Mar. 05, 2014
Seems to be completely locked for me. Can't get past the menu. Just spins and says Loading. Never gets anywhere. Music, though cute, gets annoying while watching a Loading sign that never does... load.