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Play Mo Ritmo Mo Ritmo Nov. 23, 2013
UPDATE 11/23/13: - Removed zoom/pulsing and color fading effects to give Mo Ritmo player's eyes a rest! More improvements to come soon!
Play Mo Ritmo Mo Ritmo Nov. 21, 2013
Hello from Bideo Wego! I'd like to apologize for the slow update of the game as I'm aware it needs features added. Here is a list of what I plan to update soon and please feel free to give me your thoughts/feedback! In the next update I plan to: - Embed mp3s instead of downloading them to speed up load time - Add an options screen to toggle shake/color fading background -or- simply remove it from the game - Adjust the length of the songs to about 1.5 mins (*NOTE I realize this will cut down the max combo, thus high scores may need to be reset, however I feel the game will benefit greatly from this! Thoughts?*) That's it for now, any more suggestions and I'd be glad to hear them and attempt to oblige!
Play From The Black From The Black Nov. 05, 2013
Robust space shooter, cool power-ups, and challenging! Liking the music too!
Play Mo Ritmo Mo Ritmo Nov. 03, 2013
Mo Ritmo currently has 4 levels, each with 3 difficulties, but it is completely open to expansion! Expect there to be new music/levels to play very soon!
Play Mo Ritmo Mo Ritmo Oct. 30, 2013
Ah! Interesting idea, I will consider making a options screen to set a few preferences. Also please let me know how the loading time is treating everyone. If I get enough feedback I may consider embedding the files instead of loading from a server. Thank you!
Play Mo Ritmo Mo Ritmo Oct. 28, 2013
Looking forward to hearing your comments Kongregate gamers!